IID partially approves next fallowing program

The All-American Canal carrying water to the fields of the Imperial Valley

EL CENTRO — Quite possibly the final fallowing program was partially approved by the IID Directors Tuesday.

Partially, because only two of the three parts to the program were ratified. The Board agreed it would be a 12-month program at the same rate as the last program.

What is still on the table is the volume of water to be conserved. That will be brought back at a later date.

The Imperial Irrigation District has conducted nearly two dozen successful fallowing programs to generate conserved water to fulfill the annual water transfer delivery schedules for the Quantification Settlement Agreement, Salton Sea Mitigation requirements, payback of inadvertent overruns of Colorado River Water from previous years, and, at times, to create extraordinary conservation for intentionally created surplus to assist in the management of the IID’s annual 3.1 million acre-foot Colorado River entitlement.

It was agreed all the obligations would be met through the new fallowing program, and not use stored water in Lake Mead.



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