IID Interim General Counsel to get term extension

IID Interim General Counsel Ross G. Simmons

EL CENTRO – In closed session Tuesday, March 4, the IID Board of Directors directed IID General Manager Kevin Kelley’s office and Interim General Counsel Ross G. Simmons to prepare a longer term contract between the Board and the Interim General Counsel.

“The agreement between the Board and Interim General Counsel for General Counsel services as an independent contractor for a period of two years,” said Kelley. “That document will be ready for the consideration of the Board when it meets again on March 18th. It will be released to the public once action is taken.”

“That should include any amendments to the policy that may be necessary,” said IID Board of Directors President Jim Hanks.

“There are some policy changes that will be necessitated,” said Kelley.

Simmons was hired by IID as an independent contractor  for legal services and is not an IID employee.

Simmons has no IID employment agreement.

Attorney fee agreements are currently confidential.

Communications between attorney and client are protected by the attorney/client privilege, per California Business and Professions Code section 6149.