IID hires former finance officer to assistant general manager position



EL CENTRO – Imperial Irrigation District announces the hiring of Kris Fontaine, who previously worked for the district as chief financial officer, to the position of assistant general manager.


Fontaine will start her new job on Jan. 21, assisting the general manager’s office by aiding in planning, directing and controlling water, power and staff operations, assisting in coordinating the efficient and effective use of equipment, facilities, finances and personnel and assisting in negotiating and coordinating outside services.


“Her focus will necessarily be on the organization itself and her charge will be to identify and implement improved practices that better serve the district’s core business functions,” said Kevin Kelley, general manager. “It’s a role I believe she is uniquely well-suited to fill.”


Her selection follows a months-long recruitment effort that produced a large and diverse field of qualified candidates for the position.


An Imperial Valley native, Ms. Fontaine is no stranger to IID. She served in various capacities at the district in a career that spanned 29 years. At the time of her retirement, in 2005, she was chief financial officer. Since her retirement she has worked for the Catholic Church in Las Vegas and as a consultant.


Her background includes four years in public accounting and auditing with a certified public accounting firm. She initially joined the district in 1977 as the internal auditor. In 1979 she was promoted to manager of Finance and Accounting and was made CFO in May 1999.


She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from San Diego State University and is a certified public accountant. She earned her CPA certificate in 1976 and is a member of the California Society of Certified Public Accountants, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the California Municipal Utilities Association (where she also served as past chairman), and the Association of California Water Agencies. She currently serves as secretary to the EPPIC Board of Governors (an insurance purchasing group).


    • Because he has vast experience, knows what he is doing, has good math skills and does not speak with fork tongue. Honest straight talk with experience- farmers like that what you see is what you get stuff.

    • Hey- that native blood talk reminds me of a joke I once heard- What did the Indian say to the mermaid?

  1. Could it be homegirl? Finally we can get this place re orged once and for all and perhaps sustain the change and some kind of direction. Do you know how many re orgs this outfit has been through over the last ten years? About 10. Be gentle and diplomatic as you subtly kick ass old girl.

      • Perhaps this second time around she can really make a more substantial difference in transforming this lethargic, reactive and cronie business culture to one based upon productivity, performance and reward.

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