IID director arrested for child abuse:trial delayed



Imperial, CA- It was a video posted on You-tube that sparked an investigation. It shows Sanchez hitting his step-son with a belt – because he couldn’t catch a ball.

Sanchez’s trial was vacated and a pre-trial was set for Friday.

Attorney Ryan Childers was not present in the court room and the pre-trial had to be rescheduled.

Raj Singh an Attorney from the firm tells us it wasn’t because Childers wasn’t prepared.

He says it’s because Childer’s grandfather passed away and the funeral was held Thursday.

“Ryan was very close with his grandfather. It was a monumental unexpected tragedy for Mr.Childers and the family. He’s basically in the process of grieving,” said Singh.

Sanchez resigned from the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors in June after deputies arrested him.

Are there things we don’t know about this case that will show Anthony Sanchez in different light.

“Those questions will have to be posed to Mr.Childers. I haven’t been handling the case directly,” said Singh.

We also wanted to know how Singh thought a jury would react to the Youtube video but he declined to answer.

A new pre-trial date has been set for Thursday. Singh expects Childers to be present and they expect to set a new trial date soon.