IID candidates speak out


(November 4, 2012. Brawley) The Desert Review offered a forum to candidates for the IID Director Seats, Divisions 2, 4, and 5.

All candidates were contacted via e-mail.

The candidates were able to submit anything they wanted to convey to voters just before the election on November 6.

The candidates below are the responders in alphabetical order.

Stella Mendoza, incumbent for IID Director, Division 4:

Stella Mendoza

“I am asking for your support in my re-election to the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors Division 4 so that I can continue to represent the public in water and energy matters that affect the lives of every person in our valley.  In water matters, I have always defended the Imperial Valley’s water rights and will continue to fight to protect our water resources for the benefit of the entire valley.

In 2011 I voted to lower your electricity rates and will continue to keep your energy rates one of the lowest in Southern California.  In the rapidly changing area of energy, I will continue to promote solar, geothermal, and other resources to advance green energy in our valley, as well as meeting the state’s mandated portfolio. I strongly believe that renewable energy should benefit the entire valley by crating well paying jobs, protecting the environment and contributing to economic growth.

I have a long history of proven leadership, including serving on the Brawley City Council and Mayor, President of Southern California Association of Governments, Director of California League of Cities and as your IID Board President.

I am proud to be endorsed by Imperial County Building & Construction Trades Council AFL-CIO which includes several affiliates; Asbestos Workers L.U.5, Boilermakers L.U.92, Bricklayers L.U. 4, Cement Masons L.U. 500, IBEW L.U. 569, Iron Workers L.U. 229, Operating Engineers L.U.12, Painters & Allied Trades L.U.36, Plumber & Pipefitters U.A. L.U. 230, Plasters L.U. 200, Road Sprinklers L.U. 669, Sheet Metal Workers L.U. 206, Teamers L.U. 166, and Laborers L.U. 1184.

I have always stood up for the people and I don’t plan to stop now. There’s a simple reason why my opponent and the wealthy special interests that support him want to replace me on the IID board. It’s because I won’t allow them to place the wants and needs of the privileged few ahead of the public good.

The expensive campaign of attack ads and outright lies that has been targeted against me proves my point that the special interests will stop at nothing to gain control of the IID board and the Imperial Valley’s water rights. I have opposed them at every turn and that’s why they have targeted me. And that is why it’s important that I remain on the IID Board.

Please vote for Stella Mendoza for IID Director Division 4 on November 6.

Thank you.”


John Pierre Menvielle, incumbent for IID Director, Division 2:

John Pierre Menvillle

“With IID facing unprecedented challenges to our water rights, our energy service area, and our low power rates, it is important to have a Director devoted to developing solutions. I am running for re-­election because I have the experience and qualities to move beyond the divisive political fray and make IID the unifying force our valley needs.

As an IID board member, and board president, I offer the leadership ability, willingness to listen and a steadfast determination to solve our problems. I will protect our water rights, keep our p power rates the lowest in Southern California, and develop our renewable energy resources. I will continue to work diligently to make IID a catalyst for economic development and the job creation our valley needs. I will do this in a way that benefits all the people who live in our Valley.

I was born and raised in Calexico and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. Imperial Valley is my home and I am committed to making it a better place for all of us.”





  1. What Stella doesn’t mention is all the money she and JP received from outside cotractors – probably 100k. That’s a lot of money. Did you have be so vitriolic throughout the campaign, Stella? You looked very mean through out and should have put in the safety lines before so many drowned. Your comment, “let them drown”, was vicious. JP you got nailed on the emails! You, Garber and Jennings should go to jail for trashing the Grand Jury studyand I hope didn’t cause the death of the foreman. It was a rotten thing to do. Both of you need to be replaced, fined and jailed. You caused a lot of grief and loss of money and control of IID assets.

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