IID Board presented with E-mail Investigative Summary



General Manager Kevin Kelley “IID is requesting that the attorney general and DA apply whatever level of scrutiny to them that they believe is warranted.


(October 17, 2012. El Centro) At the regular meeting of the IID Board of Directors Tuesday, October 16, the Board was presented with an IID Investigative Summary by ESI International, Inc., regarding the unauthorized access to computer data.

Emails have surfaced over the past couple of years involving IID Board President John Pierre Menvielle, IID General Counsel Jeff Garber, IID General Manager Kevin Kelley, and a local newspaper editor.

IID General Manager Kevin Kelley gave a prepared comment to address the summary.

The Board was not able to comment on the summary until the investigation is complete.

The content of the emails suggest Brown Act violations.

The IID Investigative Summary does not cover the suggested illegalities, but focuses on who may have accessed the emails and how they did it.

However, the attorney general and the DA been given direction to look at the content of the emails in regard to illegal activity. 

There are those that feel that the emails are public since they were on an IID computer and IID is a public entity. They feel the emails show that a spyware software was installed to spy on employees and these emails prove this. The emails also show, according to those that passed them around , that the Brown Act was violated, and that there was Grand Jury tampering to protect the swing vote of the 3-2 majority. The swing vote, Anthony Sanchez,has resigned since he was videotaped beating his step-son in his back yard. He is to start trial on child abuse allegations. This vocal group think whoever copied the emails should be given Whistleblower status, in other words, protection against criminal charges since they say they exposed company wrongdoings.


The other side, those whose names were mentioned in the emails and generated the emails ,claim these emails were stolen and the computer with the emails was taken on false pretenses. They want the district attorney to look into criminal charges against the thief.



  1. …boy you leave town for a couple of months thinking things will be different when you get back – spyware, governance issues, brown act violations… will it ever end? apparently not. Homeboy still spreading his conspiracy gospel, homegirl still pining for governance, desserttripper and occupy still pretending to not be part of the problem, and svengali GM Kelley still promoting and protecting his harem instead of at least trying to learn how to run a business. I was surprised that he is still GM as I expected the fair haired one in energy to have taken his rightful place as the pretend king of IID, time will tell. You give Menvielle too much credit – he is not smart enough to manage his own business let alone mastermind a sophisticated spy network. as for grand jury manipulation the true manipulators were Kelly and Hanks. how else would the GJ know what questions to ask? THey thought of them all by themselves? LOL
    we’ll i’m back for a while and look forward to participating once again in this wasteland of useless opinion.

    • Rumor has it Kevin is on his way out but it is very difficult to give up the $20,000 a month you are not earning. And regarding “the fair haired one in energy taking his rightful place as pretend King of IID” dues paid or not he too is unqualified to accomplish the necessary transformation and optimization of the IID business operation and his appointment would be just another temporary game of kicking the can down the road.

      • Kevin is tied to the emails and that will be difficult to shake off, especially if he tries to dump Garber. Garber will point his finger at Kevin and try to take Kevin down with him. Realistically,should Kevin be in charge of a an investigation report on emails since he s tied to so many. If Kevin had solid support he could survive, but he doesn’t have many qualified managers he can trust. Mario comes to mind as the worst – not trustworthy, nor qualified.He’s been the IID hit man & knows where the bodies are buried,so it could be difficult for Kevin to do what’s right & fire him.What a mess Menvielle & his cronies have mad of the IID.

    • That’s a good question. I think only Menvielle, Garber and Kelley know that. They seem to be the most involved in the spying scheme.

  2. Whew! Say it like it is, Homegirl! Speaking of Stella, the other long time encombent, did you see her witchlike performance last night at the debates? Gosh, she was scary!Appropriate for Halloween, but not for a IID director.

    • She likes that intimidation stuff-makes her feel important. A wanna be sailor 3 hours on shore leave…inapproppriate for director not by her witchlike behavior but by her disloyalty to our region, her challenged intellect, her poor leadership and her inability to focus and do the job.

      • H-Girl, let’s be fair. Just because Stella has one eye 2 inches higher than the other is no reason to criticize her. Even if she had several pounds of fat sucked out of her rear end; again no reason to criticize an IID director. The IVMMP would be VERY critical of you in their “Wash and Wear/Spin Cycle” for such calumny.
        Mendoza, on the other hand, would have the ratepayers and citizens of Imperial County believe that several hundred million dollar gas hedging losses and numerous cover ups to hide the use of the ECA money to conceal the losses were merely costs of doing business.
        The hiring of friends and relatives to engender votes and community support; not contrived but merely hiring the “Best and Brightest.” ***Note: They sometimes arrive at community debates and events driving IID vehicles***And the exorbitant fees paid Outside Counsel and consultants merely necessary “because my relatives are smart – but need help.” And no conflict whatsoever in providing lodging to an IID employee in her home.
        Therefore, if we are to believe Mendoza’s reasoning, she was not dishonest or self-serving, or engaging in malfeasance, but merely run of the mill stupid. And regrettably, one cannot fix “stupid.”

        • Forgive me Peon. Every time I get carried away with sarcasm or a what I think is a little clever levity someone calls me on it! Have you had a little work done yourself Peon? You sound sensitive to it. Do I always have to be so serious! Its just not fair. You are absolutely correct Peon “you can’t fix stupid”.

  3. It was just mentioned to me that the DA is related to incumbent, Director Mendoza,. If so he should recuse himself from the investigation. This whole mess doesn’t need any additional suspicions.

    • No wonder Stella has such a blatant disregard- she has law enforcement on both sides. She will be sporting horizontal stripes if she keeps going with such fearless disregard. And how bout that plastic surgeon?!?! Looks like the same surgeon Kenny Rogers may have used. Got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em…I think it may be time to fold em old girl.

    • Menoza is also related to a recently re-elected (and recently bankrupt) judge; which is in itself ironic because she accused Benson of being “bankrupt”

  4. I’m also glad Homeboy, that Menvielle will soon be voted out. Only then can the healing begin and IID get back to being a vibrant, productive organization representing the best interests of our community. At that point IID can enhance and enforce a governance policy advocated by Homegirl.

    • It is gonna take more than healing John and the road to a “vibrant productive IID organization representing the best interests of the communities it serves” is not automatic or an easy one.

  5. I’m with you, Deserttrek, let’s hold the people responsible for all the scandals at IID. The emails, regardless of how they were obtained, prove there was collusion between IID Legal(Garber), IID director(Menvielle) and the newspaper (Jennings) to tamper with the publication of a Grand Jury Report.IID management and director Menvielle were caught in their own Spyware scheme to control the employees and censor and even fire them for not bowing down to wrongful, corrupt activities. The whistle blowers must be protected and the guilty punished so IID can get out from under the clouds of suspicion and corruptions and get back to work in a clean, free envirionment.The emails are public property sent on IID equipment.

  6. Good God let’s get this IID house cleaned up and leave this unproductive spyware debate and drama behind. We’ve got a sick IID business culture bleeding hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up and regional control and influence to take back from special and outside interests. Unproductive drama and politics is a significant part of the productivity problem within the IID business operation. Get the board out of the IID business operation. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY!!!

    • the smartest people in the world, usa, california …… ok imperial valley, know whats best for us. all the unwashed employees and public would do well to sit down and follow the instructions of the board and the absebtee landowners.

      on aother note, when will the people who participated in this and other scandals in the iid finally be held accountable?

  7. It’s not the “attorney general”….it’s the District Attorney…Jesus…at least TRY to act like a legitimate news organization…

    • The AG & the DA are being asked to look at this. You can read about this in Kelley’s prepared comment (highlighted in blue).

      • I guess “Charlies” thinks Mendoza/Menvielle IVP is a legitimate newspaper. The Desert Review is to be commended for not calling him a dunce.

      • My God Lloyd- look how far you have come in this very short amount of time…….all these hits all this traffic!!!! How bout selling memberships to a daily evening 3 hour IID chat room 8-11 p.m.? No holds or adjectives barred!!!!!!Business is picking up ese…don’t be shy and mi$$ the train.

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