IID Board Approves Construction of New Fleet Services Shop



EL CENTRO — The Imperial Irrigation District (IID) board of directors Tuesday approved a major work authorization to build a new fleet services shop in Imperial to replace the existing shop.

iid-truckAs low bidder, A & R Construction was chosen as the prime contractor and Duggins Construction will be the sub-contractor. Both companies are located in the Imperial Valley.

IID’s fleet services section is responsible for acquisition, management, maintenance, and disposal of more than 785 vehicles. It houses machine, welding, heavy equipment shop, auto body, electric, and air conditioning shops.

According to IID documentation, the existing fleet services shop is not adequate to support current operations and does not meet building codes. The building is reportedly a converted mule barn originally built in 1922. To bring it up to code, major modifications would have to be made.

The new facility will be 61,000 square feet with a cost estimate for the project of over $15 million. A portion of the cost will come out of the 2016 IID budget with the remaining costs incorporated into the 2017 and 2018 capital budget plans.

The Major Work Authorization approved by the board will provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation, and supervision necessary to design and construct the new facility.

Don Campbell, IID Fleet Services manager, said all relevant and useful existing equipment would be transferred to the new building.

“Utilizing existing equipment that can still be transferred to the new facility will save the district over $400,000,” said Campbell. “Sections of the old building have different floor levels and the ceilings are too low for a lot of the work to be done.”

The project is expected to begin soon, according to Jennifer Goodsell, general services manager.