IID announces changes in energy personnel


Vicken Kasarjian
Vicken Kasarjian

Friday, the Imperial Irrigation District took the following actions to realign personnel and reporting relationships within the Energy Department:

Effective on Oct. 19, Vicken Kasarjian will become the energy manager in charge of transmission and planning. In this new role, he joins Carl Stills, who will head up energy operations. 

Kasarjian’s career in the energy industry spans nearly 30 years and includes stints at Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Northern California Power Agency, the California Independent System Operator and the state Department of Water Resources. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from California State University Los Angeles in 1986.

At IID, Kasarjian will focus on the transmission, planning and engineering functions but will also assume management control of system operations, generation and regulatory affairs, among other key responsibilities. 

IID General Manager Kevin Kelley said that Kasarjian’s depth of experience and standing in the industry send the right message – both internally and externally – at a time of fundamental change in the electric utility business in California and throughout the West. He went on to say that hiring Kasarjian is an important step forward in responding to the demands and expectations of an evolving energy landscape. 

“With the state’s renewable portfolio standard moving from 33 to 50 percent by 2030 and the proposed expansion of CAISO into adjoining states, the challenges to IID’s balancing authority area will only increase,” Kelley said. “By adding Vicken Kasarjian to its energy management team, the district is better positioned to preserve both its public power business model and historically low rates.”

Also effective today, said Kelley, IID placed several employees who work in the transmission, planning and engineering sections on paid administrative leave. Kelley called this a personnel matter and declined to elaborate further.


  1. If Zglobal was hired as a trusted consultant for their advice; then the managers using that advice are terminated, and ZGlobal managers take their place for control and financial gain couldn’t ZGlobal also be liable with IID if there was lawsuit?

  2. If committed home grown energy management has been replaced by a profit seeking consultant it seems that control of energy is no longer under IID’s control and plunder of IID assets has been conceded. Was this because energy management differed with BOD hawks, GM, attorney about risking millions on litigation? Maybe it was the silly closed room tantrums? Ratepayers deserved to see risks!

  3. Smoke, mirrors,promises, tantrums -result in plunder of IID assets.How? the BOD gave a vote of no confidence to committed home grown energy management and replaced with for profit only consultant. Why? BOD hawks wanted to risk millions on litigation the consultant recommended, but energy management didn’t recommend the risk to the ratepayers. Closed door tantrums with the GM, attorney, BOD Hawks prevailed – Absolute Power corrupts absolutely to pay the unknown attorneys and consultant cost that will accrue and have to be paid by the IID ratepayers. Finally, the power and jobs will be gone to strangers. Absolute power corrupts absolutely with absolute results.

  4. What is it with IID Directors? Everytime they start to get it right they go outside and screw it up. How many million will they waste this time??

  5. Wiley, Who’s where isn’t as important as Why there/How much? Explanations are overdue from the company attorney even though he and the Good Old Boys want to ignore and go away.

  6. Wiley E Coyote what you spell out is corruption for money & control. How much is the company attorney getting? He has to approve everything? We nee an explanation why this contractor was needed and why?Sounds like his employees are less qualified and causing confusion and extra cost. Why would IID employees with more experience want to stay and how can IId recruit after this mess? Is this just the first step to sell IId for a bargain price mo the contractor and his crowd when it has trouble meeting it compliance and BA requirements that had gotten better.Then the valley will lose control of it energy with little gain, except to special interest. Does anyone have information on these under the table deals? To crush morale like this there must be a lot of money to be made by the Good Old Boys.

  7. Tony & Dejavu, the good ol boys never left, just became a sleeper organization with long tenacles. IID’s “most expensive contractor” was hired 15 years without a proposal request and is still here extending influence without formal budget considerations , hidden from the public. Check out!

  8. Tony, at $500.00 per hour this guy works here only 3 days a week. That beats Brady Bunch that made only $300.00 per hour. Yes I wonder Tony how many directors, GM’s auditors and IID attorneys have the farms paid. Dejavu is right. That makes sense for breaking the quiet.

  9. Well, now we know why it was quiet. What I would like to really know is how many former directors and their cronies have left the IID with the Farm paid and the future set for their kid’s.

  10. The directors and Keven have short memories! Don’t blame the contractor. He is out to make as much money as he can. Taking control of key jobs and operations insures telling IID how needed he is for how long. He becomes the expert operator for as much and how long he wants. Sweet operation!

  11. That is very disappointing! A four to one vote with only Bruce Kuhn standing up for energy employees and keeping local control of our long held energy resources just when they were secure again. I hoped this board was going to be transparent! Thanks Bruce.

  12. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Let me get this straight. The new boss of energy was selected by his ex-boss to manage his ex-boss’s new contract to work for the energy department. This means that the new boss will manage his ex-boss in millions of energy work , and the new boss will manage his ex-boss’s work on the $M battery plant, that the ex-boss is rumored to have ownership. Confusing? Conflicted? Not if you think who’s on first!

    My gosh, is this how you manage a multi-million $ contractor and treat and reward dedicated, experienced local staff in favor of outsiders? How did this happen? Did this really happen, as rumored, as a result of an out of control ballistic temper tantrum by one director at the previous energy manager’s relative that spread to include the entire energy department after meetings between the ballistic director, GM, General Counsel, and auditor, all friends of the ex-boss? How could this happen? You must understand, I guess, that How’s on second.

    How was to have the auditor talk to the ex-boss and ask if there were weaknesses in energy, and to audit these perceived weaknesses that centered around lack of staff due to budget constraints. We now know as a result of this “audit” the new boss was selected. What doesn’t seem to be known is if an RFP was issued and approved by the directors according to procedure? If yes, is it public information? If not, why not? So, it is getting clearer. Why is on third.

    Why seems to be what happened to put outsiders again in control of the valley’s Balancing Authority and all aspects of energy. So where are the directors that are supposed to protect the valley’s energy from outsider control? Looks like they have been off playing a different game. Where? Behind closed doors, the same closed doors the government uses and the same closed doors IID has used before to hide information and corruption. This would have all the ingredients of a smash comedy reality show if it wasn’t for the long-term devastating consequences in terms of assets, money and control. We have learned to expect the GM to hide information, but this board lulled us into expecting more from them. For two years there has been has been a quiet trust with this board. HERE WE GO AGAIN!

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