If You Can’t Stand the Heat


No, don’t get out of the kitchen! It is OK to be in the kitchen if it is hot. Rather than leave the kitchen, put out the fire, get a glass of cold water, or listen to the women in your life tell you what you need to hear! This well-known “dicho,” or saying, indicates that when things get intense, the flight reaction makes sense. Well, sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn’t. See my “Warrior or Wimp” column in the religious section, if you are a “flighter” rather than a fighter.

It is getting hot out there folks. Duh! So, go ahead and take off to the condo you own in Mission Beach. Well, I don’t have one, and neither do most of you. So what to do about the Summer Time Blues? The first thing is to thank God. We have great weather 9-10 months out of the year. We have the best winter weather in the country, and the summer blues are the dues we pay for our perfect weather the other many months. Rather than complain, try to maintain an attitude of gratitude.

When things heat up, be wise. Get your A/C serviced. Pay now or pay later. It really is a good idea, not only to save money, but if there is a problem, it is easier to get Jim air conditionservice Feb.-May, than June-September. Your service might also prevent a breakdown of you’re A/C, and a meltdown of your comfort. It is also more comfortable, knowing you did your best at prevention. We also purchased a window unit so that when the A/C goes out, which it has, we have at least one room that is climate controlled, and let me tell you, it ain’t no fun trying to sleep with no cool air crossing blowing on your back at night.

Get into some water. No, don’t go swimming in canals. Dippy Duck says to stay out, and the duck knows what he is talking about. Swimming pools can be purchased at a variety of prices. When we lived in Fresno, during graduate school, we had a home with a desert cooler, which works well at 105 degrees and below. Well, on the very hot days, we got out of the kitchen and went and sat in the pool out in the shade of the back yard. It was quite cool, even for my wife who was pregnant, back in the summer of 1980. The plastic pool cost less than $10, and it was very little to pay to find a cool way to survive Central Valley heat.

Jim kiddie poolThere are the plastic pools, city pools, and friends’ pools. All are useful. Be nice to your friends with pools and the city pools are fine, except Calexico, which was damaged by the earthquake. Another option is the lakes. There are not many, but I was at Sunbeam Lake in Seeley, and if you haven’t been there for a while, you will be pleased with all the improvements. It looks very nice, and it is very family friendly. It also has a Frisbee park, a basketball court, and other upgrades. This past weekend, they had a family fishing experience, which they offer a couple times a year.

Last, and a little far away is the new water park in Yuma. It is closer and cheaper than the parks in Palm Springs and Chula Vista. I haven’t gone, but I plan to take the grandkids soon. It is a little west of Yuma, off of Interstate 8, on the north side. I will let you know after my little sojourn in the Zona sun. For the time being, I will be in the backyard watching the grandkids in the pool. If it is too hot in your kitchen, bring the carne asada and we will BBQ, dunk, and dine to beat the heat!