Jim_ShinnI am upset! I don’t live in Brawley or I might be more upset. Do not worry…I am not going to take any hostages, but I have lived here in the valley all my life and have watched our country’s worst unemployment rate, dip up and down for decades.

When I heard the beef plant was going to close, well I was a hot as a chicken fried steak. Now I know this is not the doings of the vegans, because their number is too low here in the valley.

I have a beef with leaders here in the valley. They need to quit this bull and keep the beef flowing.

While I am not saying the beef plant is a golden goose, our leaders need to get their steer rears in gear and set down at the problem-solving table.

You notice I didn’t say coffee table. I, like many valleyites, want our leaders to do their job, and fix this situation. We don’t need coffee drinking and playing the blame game.

There is too much at steak (stake)! I did not realize that this business employed @ 1,300 people. Wow! That is a lot of families dependent on this cash cow.

I work part time counseling poor people and listen to me when I say we don’t need more poor folk. I don’t want poverty to be any more of a growth industryAd NationalBeef 266 than it already is.

I would love for us to have full or high employment levels so my job with CALWORKS clients would disappear. Poverty is bad for mental health. I have been there and felt that!

How do you solve a problem and keep the beef plant open. Well the first thing organizations need to do is chuck the idea of greed out the window.

Too often politicians and business owners are too short in their problem-solving perspectives. It really ribs me the wrong way that here in California, there is so much cost for running a business.

Leaders need to think outside the brisket box, sit around a table, and get rid of the fat, gristle and other things that don’t lead to high quality thinking.

national beef signThey need to grind their beliefs into something that not only taste good but satisfied the needs of the community. We need quality cuts of thinking, leadership and problem-solving.

What leads to a good beef stew? You need quality ingredients. The first things are a cup of cooperation, the seasonings of sacrifice and the sustained heat of discussion.

I am not a big business dude, but the best food requires lots of effort and a long term commitment. The public needs to put the pressure on these teams to stay at the beef table and work at tenderizing those rigid positions.

The process can also be marinated by mentors. Let’s call for some big, beefy, buff negotiators to work out some tough solutions.  The Bible says when you haveProverbs-1-Verses-5-6p a problem, to “seek wisdom.” Maybe, there needs to be some new players at the table to get a deal done.

Back in the ‘70’s, the price of beef went through the roof. My buddies and I, and many others began boycotting beef.

We did it for a long time, because there are many eating alternatives out there. If something doesn’t get done, or no relief to this beef, I say we boycott our civic leaders, and withhold our votes, and then start a valley wide boycott of beef.

It wouldn’t be hard for me to do again, although I love carne asada and rib eyes. I can sacrifice for the greater good. It would be easy for many families to get on this beef flavored gravy train, because with this loss of jobs to our families and economy, a lot of folks won’t be able to afford beef.

But let’s be clear. I don’t want to start a Tofu festival!!!