Humane Society finds forever homes at Farmers Market


BRAWLEY – Saturday, May 11, at the South Plaza in Brawley,was the final Farmers Market of the season. Vendors selling products ranging from produce to clothing lined both sides of the plaza.

From left to right: Laura Hula, Tiffany Hula, Devon Apodaca, Audrey Nigos, Jim Corriere
From left to right: Laura Hula, Tiffany Hula, Devon Apodaca, Audrey Nigos, Jim Corriere

A new addition to the Farmers Market was the Humane Society of the Imperial County booth.

Because of  a recent influx of animals at the shelter, the organization was in dire need of foster families and forever homes for the animals.

At the Farmers Market, the Humane Society set up a booth with information and a playpen full of dogs awaiting their forever families. Fortunately for one dog, the Hula family of Brawley fell in love.

Tiffany Hula, a senior at Brawley Union High School, found her new best friend after her mom spotted the dog first. She is leaving for college in Virginia this coming fall and hopes to bring the dog with her.

For the month of May, the prices have been reduced in efforts to encourage more animal adoptions. The price for dogs have been reduced from $140 to $100 dollars, and the cost of cats went from $100 to $75 dollars.


The price includes being spayed and neutered, recent shots and one free vet visit after adoption.

The executive director, Devon Apodoca, urges pet owners to spay and neuter their animals to prevent more homeless animals. He states the biggest problem is backyard breeders and people breeding animals for fun.

There are many dogs and cats awaiting their forever homes at the Humane Society of Imperial County. Be sure to take advantage of the reduces prices and add another member to your family.



  1. A great day at the Farmer’s Market. Two dogs were adopted but there are still so man more needing a furrever home! Visit us at 1575 Pico Rd., El Centro, Ca.

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