Hueso and Garcia Visit Pioneers Hospital to Introduce New Law

California State Sen. Ben Hueso speaks at Pioneers Memorial Hospital Friday morning.

BRAWLEY — California State Sen. Ben Hueso and Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia visited Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District (PMHD) Friday to announce a new law that affects all healthcare districts.

The Design-Build Bill was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown and will allow healthcare districts to utilize a more efficient and cost effective construction process. Under the design-build process, a single contract covers the design and construction with a company that acts as both project designer and builder. The design-build entity arranges all architectural, engineering, and construction services and is responsible for delivering a project at a guaranteed price and schedule.

“In today’s cost conscious construction industry, this method is a win-win for those involved as the design-build team has the same goal and takes full responsibility to complete the project in a timely and efficient manner, ultimately costing less,” said Hueso. “This allows hospitals to utilize this method for their projects and it will help many families take advantage of the hospital’s facilities and access critical resources earlier.”

PMHD board president Jeff Klicka spoke about the upcoming building project that is expected to start in about five years.

PMHD Board President Jeff Klicka

“Senator Hueso’s bill is going to help Pioneers with our expansion projects,” said Klicka. “We at Pioneers are working to expand and improve the success of our services by working on a patient tower located on the west side of the Phyllis Dillard Women’s Center. The proposed expansion will provide 50 private rooms and a compliant corridor linked between the emergency department, radiology, laboratory, and intensive care unit to the Women’s Center, which will help meet our community’s needs.”

PMHD CEO Larry Lewis

PMHD CEO Larry Lewis said, “I would like to thank Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia for co-authoring this bill. It is a great way to clean up what has been a bureaucratic process. The design-build process will shorten project times, which will cost less and let us provide services sooner to our patients.”

Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia

“Senate Bill #957, the Design-Build bill concept is simply work smarter, not harder,” said Garcia. “Also, on budget, on time. The ultimate outcome being more money to expand the access to healthcare in this community.”

“Projects that are split-out go over budget quickly,” concluded Klicka. “This will be a big help with our goal and initiatives and will save us a couple of years at the minimum on our upcoming project. Our patients will be the ones that benefit from this.”