Holtville Vikings honored by Supervisors for CIF Championship

Holtville Football Captains accept Board of Supervisors Proclamation
Holtville Football Captains accept Board of Supervisors’ Proclamation


EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors came together across district lines to honor the victorious Holtville Viking football team which won the San Diego CIF Sectional Division 5 championship.

Holtville Head Coach Keith Smith Jr. brought three of his captains, and Coach Steve Cato to receive the official proclamation as read by Supervisor Ray Castillo, who represents the district that includes Holtville.

“Thousands of hours of hard work, grueling practices, pain, injury, sweat, blocking, and tackling to gain success has achieved the ultimate goal…” read the proclamation. It also mentioned their meteoric climb from a losing record of 1-9 in 2009, to a record of 11-2 in 2013, ending in a 7- game winning streak that led to their CIF championship.

Castillo also mentioned these athletes were also scholars as all football players from every level kept their eligibility all season to play, due to grades.

Coach Smith thanked the board and introduced the three of the four captains that came, David Lucero, his tight end and defensive back; tight end, linebacker,Tyler Hickey; and Quarterback Clay Bowler.

Gary Wyatt, held the football they had just signed, informing the room that a new tradition was beginning. Each CIF winner will not only have a proclaimation read in their honor, but they will sign a football to be displayed in the trophy case at the county building.