Historic Brawley Theatre gets support from Board of Supervisors

Kay Day Pricola explains the significance of the Brawley Theatre to the BOS
Kay Day Pricola explains the significance of the Brawley Theatre to the BOS

EL CENTRO – Kay Day Pricola asked the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to pass the County Resolution of Support for the Brawley Community Foundation’s rehabilitation of the historic Brawley Theatre.

Supervisor Ryan Kelley of District 4, which includes Brawley, asked the board for the Resolution of Support. The vote brought no money to the theatre project, but opened up more avenues for acquiring funding.

Pricola told the board that the Brawley Theatre is now the last standing theatre of its era left in the valley. “The Brawley Theatre is the oldest standing public building that has been in continuous use in the Valley.”

The board jokingly questioned whether rats and pigeons qualify as continuous use, but Pricola answered back that parts of the theatre had been used, and the rat traps had been effective and rats were all gone from the theatre.

Many of the board members had memories of the Brawley Theatre, the movies they had watched, the bottle caps they collected for free admission, and the importance of recovering the historic building.

1Pricola said that they won’t run 1st run movies, but will show classics, old movies, and the place will be used as a valley-wide cultural center.

The orchestra pit turned out to be housing for air conditioning units, Pricola said, but that will not stop them from turning the space into an orchestra pit for live musical productions.

Plans to raise money, according to Pricola, are selling “seats” for the seat-less theatre, having a “raise the roof” fundraiser, and sending out letters to potential donors.

The board passed the resolution 5-0.


  1. This project just keeps getting closer and closer to actually happening, which I never thought possible. Good work!

  2. continuous use??? come on mrs. pricola, who is going to believe that. it just finally got electricity to it just before the taking back main street event and that was temporary. now the story is it is hooked up to dr. chings office for power. is that true.. I have been inside, it has not been used… no way…I know it is your job to promote it, but lets be real here. that place inside is a health hazard. I think that it will be a great asset once it is cleaned up and renovated.. time and money…

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