Hidalgo staff asks board to reconsider moving Ramos

Mrs. Santana, Principal Hidalgo
Hidalgo Principal Mrs. Santana personally asked the board to not move her Vice-Principal

BRAWLEY – At the Brawley Elementary School Board meeting, Tuesday, May 15, Hidalgo Elementary School staff packed the room as a show of support in keeping Vice-principal David Ramos at Hidalgo and not moving him to Phil Swing.

Beatrice Duarte was one of many that spoke about the cohesive team of Principal Santana and Ramos. She said, “They complement each other, we all work well together at Hidalgo. For the good of the students, discipline and moral, leave things in place,” Duarte told the board.

Santana also asked the board to not move Ramos from Hidalgo. She said, “Most people think I’m quiet, but I can be loud if I have to be, and now is the time for me to speak up.”

Ramos even defended his current placement. He spoke about how he had come full circle at Hidalgo, starting there years ago as a migrant student. He has since worked at many of the elementary campuses, “but Hidalgo is now home.”

He said, “Please let me stay. We have a great team. It would be best for the district.”

Molly Perez asked the board why only two of the vice-principals were being moved. If this was so good for the district, she asked, then why only two of the vice-principals?


  1. wow, i am surprised he wants to move a v.p.!!! when the old board even mentioned moving the barbara worth vp’s he threw a fit. he called the union, acsa, and whoever he could to not get them moved. tell me ron garica, what is the differenc?? why have you changed your mind about moving administrators?
    just like everything else you do.. it is like everyone said. he is two faced about everything… come on board… get rid of the man….he does not know what he is doing. this board is hiring an assoc. supe because he can not do curriculum. what can he do????

  2. so why is ron garcia so big on moving v.p.’? i attend meetings on a regular basis, i seem to remember him going against the board on moving vp’s then. he even went as far as contacting acsa and other unions involving this. he did not want his precious panduro moved. he fought the board on this issue. why is it different now… is it because his ceci needs more help?? why…

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