Hidalgo Society’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta features car show, live music and a coronation

Jazmine Gonzalez age 8 and David Esparza age 5  from the United Dreams Car Club stand next to a customized pedal car that Jazmine worked on with her dad Rene Gonzalez.
Jazmine Gonzalez, age 8, and David Esparza, age 5, from the United Dreams Car Club, stand next to a customized pedal car that Jazmine worked on with her dad, Rene Gonzalez.

BRAWLEY – Main Street was blocked off and beautiful classic cars lined the road as the Hidalgo Society hosted its annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta in downtown Brawley Saturday. The entire community joined in for a day of dancing and celebration, culminating in the coronation of the Cinco de Mayo royal court and live music until 10 p.m. by Grupo Inmenzo.

The event included a car show with car enthusiasts from all over Imperial Valley and Yuma as well as booths and vendors for the public to enjoy.

“It was excellent, nice weather, and a great atmosphere,” said Rene Gonzalez from United Dreams Car Club in Yuma.

Funds raised by the girls on the Cinco de Mayo royal court helped pay for the event as well as funding future scholarships offered by the Hidalgo Society for education, explained Reyna Gutierrez, Hidalgo Society member and event volunteer.

“They’re doing something good and trying to be role models. They are learning a lot of skills, by networking and making goals.” said Gutierrez of the participants.

It is the royal court’s responsibility to sell tickets to the community for votes, and the participant who collected the most votes was crowned queen.

“You have to go through rough times to become something you want to be,” said 2015 Cinco De Mayo Queen Natalie Araiza. “I thought I wasn’t going to raise the full amount.”

The 2015 Cinco De Mayo Royal Court included:

Queen – Natalie Araiza, age 14.
Junior Queen Mia Star Loya, age 7.
Junior Princess – Esmeralda Espinoza, age 9.
Junior Princess – Camila Alvarez, age 8.

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