Hello from Thailand! June 2013


Hannah house June

I hope everybody is doing well. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected by the tornados in Oklahoma. I am glad to hear my local church in Norman has been able to be a huge blessing to the victims in our area.


As for me, I have been in Thailand for about two weeks and there has been no shortage of exciting things happening around us.


Between the new girls who have come into Hannah House, the prisons, sending Cherry to serve in the refugee camp, teams, and other things, we have been so blessed.


One of the biggest blessings has been having Angel Dyson here with me. I am going to let her share about our recent trip with one of our recent graduates from Hannah House.


For us, we are experiencing exciting times as we begin to see the legacy of our giving towards His work here. There is no telling what all these girls will accomplish for God!


Thank you for your contributions to his work through both your prayers and giving.


Jonathan Hawk


Greetings brothers and sisters in name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


I am writing to you from Hannah House in Chiang Mai! I am pleased to report I made it safely here on May 27th just in time to accompany Sangla, Jonathan, and some of the girls from HH to go to one of our prisons and then take Cherry, a graduate from HH, up to KT camp with Zaida Matus.

Hannah House June 2Cherry is a Karen hill tribe girl who has been called by our Lord to teach the Thai language to about 70 Karen refugee children.

Cherry recently graduated from her university to be a public accountant, not a language teacher or a missionary.

However, God had another plan and this beautiful young woman answered His call leaving everything behind to go and follow the Master. I know this sounds so wonderful and exciting, and it is, but I saw the scared face of Cherry as we carried her things into her small little home.

I believe answering God’s call can be the most frightening thing a person can ever do and yet it must be done to know His true peace. Later on we had a wonderful evening of worship and the next morning we returned to pray for Cherry and give her words of encouragement.

I watched as each person looked her in the eyes and blessed her with words of love. About a week later Zaida called and told us that Cherry is doing great and is such a blessing. However please keep her in your prayers as she daily serves Christ.

God bless you Angel Dyson If you would like to be a part of our email list you can send us your info to hannahhousethailand@yahoo.com and for more info about the ministry, you can visit us on the web at hannahhousethailand.org