Heber Community Center Celebrates Long Awaited Grand Opening



HEBER – City and county officials, city employees and Heber residents filled the parking lot for the newly constructed community center’s ribbon cutting ceremony Thursday evening.

Full of excitement and with feelings of accomplishment, Jesus “Jack” Terrazas, District 2 Board of Supervisors, gave a motivating speech and thanked those who contributed to making the long awaited project a reality.

“This project began 6 years ago with the help of the Board of Supervisors, my fellow members, who supported this project from day one. They could have easily voted against it and used the money elsewhere,” said Terrazas.

The center is approximately 3,100 square feet, three times the size of the original plan.

“For the past six years we have set aside a little bit of money from the general fund, thanks to the Board of Supervisors who endorsed it, otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. I never realized it would be so expensive,” added Terrazas.

The $1.3 million dollar facility is equipped with a full kitchen, a basketball court, boxing ring, improved sidewalk and parking lot.

“It hasn’t been six years, it’s been 20,” said Diahna Garcia-Ruiz, Heber Public Utility District.

“For 20 years, I talked to assemblymembers, congress, I talked to everybody. No one heard us and everybody said no, until there was Jack,” added Garcia-Ruiz in tears as she hugged Terrazas.

The center will have a wide variety of uses for the 5,000 Heber residents.

Terrazas hopes to purchase the parcel south of the center in the near future for the center’s expansion.



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