Heartache fills the room at the Between Women Inc. Meeting


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BRAWLEY-Tearful guests shared their stories of loved ones who lost their battle to breast cancer at the Between Women meeting held at Pioneers Memorial Hospital Thursday evening.

As Leonard Barra, an Imperial Police Officer, stood to speak about his reason of attending the event he held back his tears and apologized to the room, with great despondency he spoke, ” I lost my Mother, who was my best friend, to breast cancer in 2002, and still to this day it hurts so much.”

The local nonprofit Breast cancer organization, Between Women Inc. works together with the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) and strives to empower the 2020 Breast Cancer cure deadline.

Linda Cady, founder and director for Between Women Inc., deeply expressed her desire to find a cure or a vaccine and the importance it is to the world and to our “daughters and our sons” to stop the harrowing disease, “every thirteen minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer in the world.”

The two groups hope to put an end to the horrific disease and find a cure for all women and men that are diagnosed with breast cancer. The NBCC has set a deadline, January 1, 2020 to finally end the disease that has taken so many lifes.

The NBCC, a grassroots organization, is dedicated to finding an end to breast cancer. They seek to harness the energy, resources and leadership of pro-cure groups around the world to achieve the breast cancer deadline 2020.

For more information on the NBCC deadline 2020 meetings and endorsement please contact Linda Cady at (760)351-1774 or go to BreastCancerDeadline2020.org