Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Phil Swing 5th Graders Hold Court


mock trialsBRAWLEY – Friday, May 16th, was an exiting day for a class of  Phil Swing fifth graders as the first session of the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office Project L.E.A.D. mock trial was in session.

Project L.E.A.D.  (Legal Enrichment And Decision-making) is a program that has been working with students every Friday for the last fifteen weeks.

“Project L.E.A.D. Is an effective law-related education program implemented by the Imperial County District Attorney’s office to teach children that the choices they make today can impact their lives tomorrow,” said fifth grade teacher Nidia Marquez.

Her fifth grade class was the first to perform a mock trial this year, and there will be more to follow within the upcoming weeks.

Teachers and parents were in attendance to watch Phil Swing’s twenty of the fifth grade class perform and show what they had learned over the last fifteen weeks about the court system and its workings.

Students showed up in full courtroom attire, from bailiff in security attire to lawyer in a suit, giving the full effect if being in an actual courthouse.

“Every Friday, the students were taught about the court system, laws, and how making the right choices or wrong choices can change their lives.  They learned through role-playing realistic scenarios.  The students got to be judges, attorneys, defendants, law enforcement, witnesses and parents,” added Mrs. Marquez on the great job done by Project L.E.A.D. leaders and the fifth grade classes.