Hear no evil: Authorities ignored abuse of 1,400 children in Great Britain



In Rotherham, at least 1,400 children were sexually abused, beaten and trafficked between 1997 and 2013.

Colin Hart, director of The Christian Institute in New Castle, says social workers warned authorities that something was wrong.

“But they continually ignored the concerns that were raised,” says Hart, “and in one case a social worker was disciplined for raising concerns.”

The Associated Press and BBC have reported the perpetrators were Pakistani, and political correctness trumped law enforcement action.

“Charities that deal with abused children were taken aback by the number of victims and by the apparent reluctance of authorities to accuse members of one ethnic group for the violence,” quotes a story by The Associated Press.

Great Britain has seen an influx of Muslim immigrants in recent years, and those immigrants are demanding the closing of liquor stores and want their own independent states within England, among other demands.

OneNewsNow reported in June that a plot by Muslims to indoctrinate public school children was uncovered.

In a story this week, BBC News explained that four Pakistani men from Rotherham were jailed for child sex abuse in 2010. A newspaper story published two years later, citing an internal police report, warned thousands of similar crimes were being committed by a network of Pakistanis. But no more prosecutions occurred that year, the BBC story recalled.

Authorities have now charged 29 people with child exploitation in Rotherham, the news story reports.

“And it just goes to show the dangers really of political correctness, where people can be blind to what’s even before their eyes,” Hart tells OneNewsNow.

The BBC quoted from a lengthy report by Professor Alexis Jay, a social work expert, who concluded there was “clear evidence of child sexual exploitation being disbelieved, suppressed or ignored.”

Hart says the report makes recommendations to protect children and The Christian Institute will be watching how that unfolds.

“Well, we’ll certainly be looking at whether proper safeguards are introduced,” she says.