Health concerns arise with the influx of illegals





EL CENTRO – Illegal immigrants that are being shipped to El Centro and other facilities around the country are raising fears of third world diseases being carried into the U.S.

Every three days 140 Illegal immigrants comprised of ‘family units’ will arrive in El Centro at the Border Patrol headquarters from Texas.

Stories of diseases that these people are carrying have locals nervous and asking ‘how can this happen?’

Imperial County Supervisor Ryan Kelley explained how the people are being checked in.

“When they get to the receiving facility in Texas, FEMA and the Health and Human Services Department have staff on site that are doing screenings and vaccinations for these people that are in those family units and unaccompanied minors,” said Kelley. “Before they get here, they go through a primary screening and a secondary screening where they are offered vaccinations.”

It has been reported that nurses and caregivers have been threatened to not divulge conditions of the people detained or they will be terminated.

“When they get here they will be screened by the Border Patrol EMTs and paramedics,” said Kelley. “If they need other assistance, they will request it of federal resources. They will not ask for local help. Locally, the hospitals provided some training for those paramedics and EMTs on what to look for like contagious diseases, scabies, lice, and other things. That was last week. This was provided to the Border Patrol and U.S. Customs.”

The buses began arriving Wednesday and will continue every three days.

“It’s the federal government’s choice,” said Kelley. “They put it across to us and every other processing facility they have. What they told us yesterday is they are not planning to release them into our community. If they don’t have the means or a family member that can take them in, they will not be released. That made us feel a little better.”

In the city of Murietta, CA, protesters turned back buses by blocking the roadways.

Social media has posts that are encouraging protests.

“It’s important to remember that the people that work for the Border Patrol and Customs are our neighbors and families,” said Kelley. “They are under the same orders. They are being told what to do federally. They are trying to make the best of it and react appropriately.”




  1. Kind of like how the Europeans affected the Natives with every disease known to man at the time.

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