“He who has the water should make the rules”


letter to the editorHUMAN ACTION is purposeful behavior, or we may say: ACTION is WILL put onto operation and transformed into an agency, is aiming at ends and goals,  is the ego’s meaningful response to stimuli and to the conditions of its environment, is a person’s conscious adjustment to the state of the universe that determines his life.      Ludvig Von Mises


The last 4 years has been a constant struggle to inform the valley of  evils and risk of  QSA.  Fortitude and hard work would be required to refocus effort on protecting and maximizing Imperial Valley Assets.


The structure and culture of IID had not evolved to handle the changed future. The fact that millions of people ostensibly believe in QSA viability is not proof that it is viable; most of those most vocal about retaining  QSA are directly profiting and recovering benefits from its existence. Clearly these millions dominate discussion. They are well armed and informed…vs an old irrigation district in the middle of a desert.


In times like these, history has shown that just one person can change the game, can influence a paradigm shift to the future. (leadership)


This future shock, and how  local society handles it can provide a vision and a future of prosperity for the Valley. Such a man exists in Jim Hanks who has devoted 6 years to transforming the IID. 16 to 18 hour days are not uncommon to him and 7 days a week is normal. He is the only person willing to study  past and contemplate the future and can now transform  IID into a modern and functional institution which it must be…immediately. With a new board seated in Dec of 2012, he is leading the way.


5 board members meeting several times a month cannot handle the current complexity and dynamics of a problem 13 years in the making.


.Jim is leading Imperial Valley our of darkness and into enlightenment that will benefit everyone. Any institution as trustee for billions of assets would have specialized staff of 50 or more.  What expertise does IID have? — (to maximize value and profit of assets) To solve new and different problems? To handle dynamic challenges, even daily?


IID faces very experienced professional staffs from SD, MWD, CVWD, Bureau of Rec, SWRCB, Dept of Interior, and the 7 basin states.


Do you believe Imperial Valley deserves a professional team now to level the playing field? To make it a fair game?


The next days will be critical for the future of Valley.


Encourage your board to be prepared. To develop a scenario analysis of all possible options and to create resources necessary to develop a game plan for our future.


Desert Miracle Number Two is possible if you think it is!!!!!!   Image development is a vital first step. Strategic Management is critical for the New IID -now.


United We Stand-Divided We Fall…         Upward and Onward.           If not now, when?


Imperial Valley has every right to enjoy the profound benefits of its unique assets…


Education and special handling is required. QSA robs benefits and creates-leaves liability….Do you think this tragedy can be modified to the benefit of Imperial Valley ??


Tom Havens


P.S. Congratulations to IID Board on hiring MTO, one of  best law firms in the country lead by Ron Olson, a farmer and one of the outstanding attorneys in the nation…best of best.!  good show.!  This is a much needed power base. A great move….First step in developing a new winning informed image.  He who has the water should make the rules…Yes