Havens calls for Desert Miracle #2


One of the great examples of vision and entrepreneurial genius was the chap who in 1849 believed he could divert the Colorado River into a harsh desert and make it bloom…..He believed he could make productive use of this magnificent resource flowing by into the Sea.


Thanks to the grit and perseverance by him and the Pioneers who built the valley, an amazing transformation took place; the valley of the dead became the profoundly productive IMPERIAL VALLEY. This has to be one of the great achievements of the last century.


 To now create desert miracle # 2 is a wonderful opportunity. With an abundance of productive land, the most senior water rights in the West, a talented group of the best growers in the world and great weather — it doesn’t get better than this. The upside is open ended with no limits. Imperial can become one of the best and most successful areas in the land.


You are never ready to do what you have to do, you just do it, that’s what makes you ready.   Tom Havens


The clear and present danger to achieving-realizing this American Dream of creating great value and great wealth is executing and managing the process of conserved water and adroitly providing this desperately needed and priceless new water in such a way as to do good for others and very well for ourselves…This has been my vision for 30 years…

Many of you know I have made a substantial effort along these lines for the past 40 months. You know that I consider the QSA a death wish.

QSA should have been a mutually beneficial bargain. It certainly is not.

It steals fair and square a massive 500,000 AF of the most valuable water in the West, leaving the IID and valley residents on the hook for billion dollar overruns in cost and untold Salton Sea liability which could last a lifetime. This was a profoundly serious mistake. I have made this clear the past 3 years…If not handled with very special urgent care, it could continue a process that would turn the valley back to sand.

QUESTION: How could our economic opportunity to realize the great wealth inherent in our first priority water be turned into a 12 year legal nightmare-quagmire costing 130 million in legal fees????? One million pages??? ( please don’t read it, just trust the dream team..?.) creating loss and liability!!!

The conservation and marketing of 500,000 AF is about economics…..So how can this process be controlled by attorneys???? In 1984, I had a signed contract to finance,conserve and market 600,000 af of conserved water at $ 400 per af….( today price $2256 ) I did advanced studies in economics. No legal barriers existed then. I used Charlie Meyers, best water attorney of the day who actually wrote a powerful defense of IID water which withstood all attacks. IID lost Decision 1600 which made the need to do my project very timely.

30 years later and without 15 billion in value received, the IID now faces 45 years or 75 years of losses and liability. Isn’t it time to change? Passive to aggressive-progressive– defense to offense. Replace Fear with HOPE… opportunity vs despair !

Economics is about supply and demand…You all understand that very well…The central truth of economics is scarcity. Take my favorite crop here, onions..About every 5 years the price increases 500% quickly….Demand stays constant and supply is short = higher prices. Now take my favorite resource, water. We have a classic situation for substantially higher prices….You have increasing demand, with decreasing supply, and no substitute…The panic-crisis stage will be based on this drought lasting 30 to 60 years which is normal going back centuries.

The unprepared water bureaucrats until recently based ALL their analysis on the past 100 years, the wettest in centuries…Throw in climate change and you have incubator for crisis…. Is the IID ready???

I could bore you with all the profound issues representing a freight train aimed right at the IID. I will spare you….What I do suggest is that you start thinking about the 11-7 SHIFT….After the election a paradigm shift needs to occur in how the IID manages its vision and future.

American Water Resources, Inc has the experience and ability to utilize the top talent in the country–the best of the best to provide a map to the future. A strategic plan for immediate attention to many details that have not been addressed…Our first effort was to introduce Chuck DuMars, and the board wisely engaged his services which is paying off extremely well. Now it is time to get into the economics of water and the public relations needed to show the world Imperial Valley is responsible and responsive to it’s many challenges.

We have submitted a proposal which addresses major opportunities at hand, which have been avoided for some reason. Possibly an economist would advance the cause and achieve success where legal failed. It really is now or never…With a powerful public relations effort, the IID can negotiate a mutually beneficial bargain and prevent legal problems forever…Let’s get it right, right now. We hope you will all support our effort to create a new beginning on 11-7 If not now when, if not us who? Onward and Upward

Tom Havens
American Water Resources, Inc.


  1. agree homegirl. while there is an entertainment value to it all, the bottom line is no government entity wants to take the salton sea as theirs, nor would any sane person.

    maybe an arn/tom debate would be interesting. certainly better than what is on the tube nowdays.

    • You are right about that tube deserttrek-I had to finally turn the tube off about 2 weeks ago as I was getting so frustrated with the 1% and the media pronosticating over polls in swing states and all the supposition of how us little people were likely to vote. At least with an Arn/Tom Havens debate we could have a little side betting pool and wager on such things as who repeats themselves the most times or who might be the first to nod off. Arn of Hemet and Tom of Montana…the Thrilla in Vanilla.

  2. Come on Desert Review- how about at least marking Old Tom’s ramblings, as incoherent as they may be, as what they are “unpaid adverstising”. That way DR readers can make an upfront decision whether to invest the time to read such self serving historical and philosophical meanderings. Just an old consultant attempting to stay feeding at the IID trough.

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