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Dear Friends,


Cream being visited by her sponsors, Tyler Brandt and his children, Ashlynn and Carson.
Cream being visited by her sponsors, Tyler Brandt and his children, Ashlynn and Carson.

I hope everything is going well for you. I just wanted to take some time to share about what is happening in Southeast Asia. As many of you know our heart is not simply for the young girls in Thailand, but for all the people of Southeast Asia.

Our purpose for being in free Thailand is so we can equip people to minister both in Thailand and the surrounding countries which tend to be more hostile to the gospel and foreign influence. One country that keeps coming up into the forefront is Burma or Myanmar.  As many of you know, Burma has been seeking to destroy its minority groups living within its borders. This genocide has been mostly ignored by the press, though it has been going on for decades. Recently the Kachin state of Burma has come under attack ending a 17 year cease fire. They have displaced over 100,000 villagers and killed many.  Please pray for our friends Zaida (who works with the Karen refugees), Astrid, and the team that is going in to minister to these people.

I think we in Thailand understand a little of what Christ felt when confronted with

so many needs. I read over and over how the needs of the crowds kept overwhelming Christ to such an extent that he struggled to get times to be alone and even eat. Instead of trying to do all the work himself, He realized he needed to multiply the characteristics of himself in others who could do the work. For us the issues are tremendous.  Southeast Asia is full of sex trafficking, genocide, poverty and corruption. Yet I am encouraged to see that as Christ changed the known world through discipleship, so can we.

Though we cannot do a lot about this present situation, we are excited that Cherry, who is one of our graduating students, has decided to minster to the people of Burma. As some of you know Cherry is a girl who is of the tribe,Karen, (the same people group who are being destroyed in Burma). After consulting with the board we have decided to support Cherry by sending her to minister with Zaida for a year. She will work as a volunteer teacher in the refugee camp helping her other ways.

Cherry will help her people learn the Thai language. (These refugees who live in Thailand don’t know Thai!). She will also be ministering to the kids through the Word of God.


Ged is another girl who graduated. Her desire was to make an impact for the gospel through her accounting degree. She has taken an accounting job near her village and will be taking care of Sangla’s parents in their old age. Sa, who was one of our Bible school girls, also desires to make a difference in the work force and other areas. She has shared with me her long term desire is to be a missionary in one of the surrounding countries.


The last ministry that is seeking to minister to these great needs is Agape Home in Chiang Mai. In a country where prostitution is rampant, there are kids that are abandoned or shunned because they have AIDS.  Agape Home is an amazing Christian ministry that brings in AIDS orphans and ministers spiritually and physically to them. They believe that through love and care these


kids can live normal lives. I can’t remember the exact details, but I remember being impressed by one of Avis’s (founder of the ministry) stories that she shared. She said a woman came up to a monk begging for him to help her child who had AIDS. He said, “If you leave him here, the child will probably die.  Take your child to Agape Home if you want your child to live.” It is amazing to see their success stories and the way they love on the kids.  That was why I was so excited to see Cream decide to go and work there after her graduation. I talked with her recently and she shared that she was having a great time ministering and working there.

I praise the Lord for all He has done. It is awesome to see after a couple of years how our girls are being raised up to make a difference for Him in Thailand. Thank you all so much for sponsoring our girls and our prison work. You are helping to make their dreams for Christ a reality.

If you would like to learn more about the Burma crisis, Agape Home, or Hannah House you can find us on the websites mentioned below. May God’s richest blessings be upon you.


Jonathan Hawk and Sangla Jafoo


Hannah House’s website: www.hannahhousethailand.org

Agape Home’s website: www.nikkisplace.org

Mark, Astrid and Zaida: www.christianfareast.com