Hannah House Newsletter October 2014


hannah house pic 1Greetings! Things are getting pretty exciting for Ashley and me.  We have one week before we leave for Thailand!  When we get there, there will be much for us to do in our seven week stay between the coffee farm, prisons, refugee camp, and meeting all our new girls! 

Then we will be coming back in December in time for the Hannah House Banquet and share all that God is doing!

This year the tickets ($25) will go on sale November 1st at Christ Community Church (760-337-9408) and will be held at the Lions Center in Brawley on December 13th at 6:30pm. I pray you will come and hear all that God is doing in Thailand and encourage us as Angel, Ashley, and I prepare to move there next year.

One thing that has left an impression on me is getting to know some of our amazing sponsors and seeing their heart for the Lord and His work.  One such person is Pat Rudolph.

Her spunk, energy, and passion for the Lord at eighty- three years of age inspires so many of us. One of my favorite memories of Pat was while I was walking with the team down a steep mountain in a remote village.

(Many villages are built on the sides of mountains which means that the dirt roads are often steep, washed out, and dangerous!)  As I was walking down one such road, I saw Pat flying past me on the back of a motorcycle with a man I didn’t know!

All I could think about was how everybody would react when I told them that I lost or injured our 80 year old member!


This is just who she is.  She lives life to the fullest and has a tremendous passion for God. Hear about Thailand from her perspective.

Since 2011, at age 80, I (Pat Rudolph) am blessed to have flown four different times into Chiang Mai, an ancient, beautiful city which serves as a hub for missionary work that covers the entire tropical mountainous jungle bordering Myanmar (Burma), China, and Laos in the north of Thailand.

Hannah House is centrally located within Chiang Mai, but serves young women who come from various hill tribe villages, and represent different hill tribe groups and languages.

Without the ministry of Hannah House to provide them a safe place to live and an education that also includes daily group Bible study, young women must either follow the centuries old role of women in their villages which includes no formal education for them, or, if they leave their villages for work in the city, be forced into a life that often includes prostitution.

Hannah House offers them the opportunity to earn a degree from a major university or a diploma from a major Bible college.


During two of my extended trips to Thailand, I have had the special blessing to live a month at Hannah House with these young women and their Christ centered director, Sangla.

I was able to join them in ministry in the prisons and villages seeing them lead worship and working with the people, especially the children.  I’ve watched them evangelize students during class breaks and at a Buddhist temple and university.

I’ve been part of their many times of worship, their chores, shopping, riding mopeds in the city and villages, and their fun times together.  I’ve had the privilege of meeting family members and even being in some of their homes.

And since the first group of women graduated, either from the university or Bible College, I have been further blessed to see them enter the work world, most of them entering the mission field.  Two of them have worked or are working with their own people groups high up in the mountains.

With Hannah House now being filled with a new group of young women embarking on their future, GOD is expanding the ministry through Sangla and her husband, Supakit.

When I go back to Thailand in February, I will work in Supakit’s village where DaDa, one of the Hannah House graduates is serving the children.  I will not only have the privilege of


working with DaDa as she teaches the children, but also with the Buddhist teachers working in the government school.

As GOD is opening doors, it is time to step out.  We ask you to please cover this ministry in prayer and join us at the Hannah House Banquet in December.  We truly want to obey, and thank you for being part of this ministry.

Pat Rudolph