Hannah House Newsletter February 2014


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Sangla and me with many of the original girls.
Sangla and me with many of the original girls.

I hope everybody is having a wonderful 2014! Things on our side are going great! God has been very good to us this last year and I just wanted to praise God for the great things that He has done.

First of all, God has been moving quite powerfully at Hannah House in both Sangla and the girls’ lives as the girls have been stepping up more and leading out when they minister. In the prisons this last year, we have had over twenty people baptized and hundreds who have been ministered to.

God has also moved powerfully through our outreaches and teams that have come through. In reflection, I am so thankful for the many sponsors and donors who have made this possible.

As Hannah House looks to this New Year, we see a lot of changes happening on every front.

As many of you know, Hannah House is a four year discipleship program and we are about to complete our fourth year of being a ministry (in March), which means all of our original girls will have graduated (a number have already graduated).

This is truly a bitter sweet realization for us as we release our girls into places God has called them and look for more girls to take their place. Another transition that I have already shared about at the banquet is Angel Dyson and my plan to move to Chiang Mai in 2015.

Sangla with her Fiance  Supakit.
Sangla with her Fiance Supakit.

We would covet your prayers as we seek wisdom in proceeding in this step.

Probably the biggest transition, however, is actually with Sangla. For those who weren’t at the banquet, we announced that Sangla is engaged to a man named Supakit! She started dating him last year and then got engaged in December!

I can’t tell you how excited the Hannah House board and I are about this! I have prayed for Sangla to find a man who would truly love her and partner with her in the work of the Lord.

I praise the Lord he is such a man. He has expressed his desire to work with us and minister in the prison. They plan to be married March 29th. With all of these amazing changes happening, my parents, Pat Rudolph, Esther Maston and I will be traveling to Thailand in March to attend the wedding and be a part of the transitions that are coming.

Please pray for us as we seek to bring in more girls and discuss Supakit’s role with Hannah House. So with all of these events, I am nothing but excited.

As many of you know, having one home for women is really a small part of where we are going as a ministry. With these changes, I feel God is moving us and preparing us for greater things. I am so encouraged and glad that I am not on this journey alone.

Me hanging out with Sangla in her village.
Me hanging out with Sangla in her village.

God has given Hannah House a wise and loving board and some amazing supporters who have made this journey not only possible, but truly exciting for us. Thank you once again.