Hannah House News January 2014


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When Jonathan asked me to write this month’s newsletter we had just finished two important events for Hannah House.

On December 13th we had the All Valley Candlelight Dinner which originated in the heart of Esther Maston, a fellow board member of Hannah House, and Christ Community Church, one of the great sponsoring churches supporting this ministry.

It was a wonderful banquet as over 300 people came together to support missions in Thailand and enjoy a great meal (thanks to Jimmy Adame and crew and all the hostesses). But better than the meal , I marvel at how God has given Jonathan a heart to know God and be obedient.

We enjoyed a spiritual feast as we felt the presence of the Holy Spirit in the fellowship, testimonies, and messages.

God is up to something great and we see the sovereign hand of God working as Angel Dyson and Jonathan Hawk make plans to go to Thailand as our Imperial Valley missionaries in early 2015.

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This gives them one year to make all the preparations for a move halfway around the world. We know it doesn’t depend on us and our abilities even though these abilities are given to us by God. The most important thing is to hear God, obey and be available to Him.

I believe we have two missionaries who will do this. Every time Angel speaks I weep

As God’s Spirit bears witness with my spirit, knowing the sacrifices she will have to make in order to serve Jesus in Thailand.

Initially Jonathan did not want to do the work in Thailand and actually tried to give the ministry away to others. Now he has the understanding that God has called him to this work.

I see how God has used him and Sangla to speak into the girls at Hannah House and has given him vision for the prisons and refugee camps. The Banquet was a night of vision, provision, missions and commissions as we met our missionaries from the Valley churches (praise God that so many are involved) and heard from Angel, Jonathan and most importantly from God.

Following this on December 18th we had the second important event – the Hannah House Board meeting. It was a great meeting where I witnessed great unity by the Board as to the direction the Lord would have

us go. We all see Hannah House expanding; making what is being done now only a small part of what God is going to do through the Valley’s connection with Thailand.

two peopleWe see more prison outreach and churches being planted. We see men being trained for the ministry and the book of Acts being fulfilled in Chiang Mai, Thailand ,and the surrounding countries. Thanks for all your support and prayers.


In Christ, Pastor Richard Moore


Hannah House board member God truly has been so good to us. I just want to thank everybody who came to the banquet and supported us.

I realize how truly blessed we are at Hannah House to know such amazing people who love the Lord and have a heart for others. It is true that Angel and I have about a year before we shove off. We are officially raising support now so that we will be able to make the move to Thailand early 2015!


Jonathan Hawk