Hannah House: March 2014 Newsletter


hannah house march top photo

Dear Family and Friends: On March 26th, I will be leaving for my third trip to Thailand to enjoy the celebration of Supakit and Sangla’s marriage.

I am very thankful that the Lord brought these two together, as His call on their lives in serving Him is great.

I humbly bow my head in thanksgiving knowing so many prayers have been answered as God prepared them to meet and marry at such as time as this.

The first time I stepped into our Hannah House women’s home, I saw the faces of young women who had a hope and future as they received a college education and attended Bible school.

hannah house march  photo 1
Esther and Angel shaking the hands of the prisoners.

Their character of kindness, gentleness, a disciplined lifestyle, and personal growth as daughters of our Lord Jesus brought such joy and peace into my life and that of the others on our mission team from Christ Community Church.

Sangla’s leadership has been multiplied by the Lord as I see how our young graduates are serving God in their villages and jobs, and also ministering to the refugee children and local churches as they bless them with singing and teaching.

My Thai is very limited, but when they translate for me as we share with the prisoners, the orphans, the village people or street witnessing; I sense God’s presence and the power of His Holy Spirit moving in God’s own miraculous ways as He alone heals, sets people free, and receives them unto Himself.

I am so thankful that He has given me such a great love for the souls in the Far East of Asia!

Thank you Jonathan Hawk for obeying the Lord in beginning Hannah House four years ago and asking my husband Ron and me to serve with you!

I often speak to God with these words, “How awesome that You can speak to a 74 year old heart, a great- grandmother, a grandmother, mother, wife and daughter of Filipino and Mexican parental descent and send her clear across the world because You, O Lord, have given her such a love for the souls in Asia.”

In October 2011 when I took my first step into Hannah House and our girls sang SA WA DE KA, la, la, la,  la….and I saw their smiles, their peace in Christ, and precious innocence, I knew I would obey God and do whatever He would have me do for Him in Asia!

Then when I got to know Sangla, I knew God had brought a godly daughter into my life. As I prayed over her and watched her minister at prisons, the Lord brought her dearer into my heart.

As we traved to the Burmese border refugee camps, I met Zaida Matus. My heart was overwhelmed as I saw this young woman minister to so many orphaned children.

hannah house march photo 2
Esther Aloma and Zaida after a game at Hannah House.

Zaida’s living quarters were so humble, and yet I saw what she was doing for the Lord and to me it was a mansion for God! Her room had a small bed, a fan, a small refrigerator and sufficient lighting to read God’s Word at night.

I found myself praying, “God, forgive me… I have so much, please show me what needs to be done and I will do it for YOU!”

So here I am in the desert of Southern California, going to the jungles of Thailand, to celebrate a wedding for a godly daughter and to be able to hug and prayerfully love on my other godly daughter, Zaida – to pray for them, encourage them, and return home to organize another team that will go with me next January 2015!

Once again, whether it is here in the United States or Asia, I will walk through every door that opens to me to minister the Gospel and to everyone that asks for prayer I will obey God and pray!

What God does for humanity, as we all pray, floods my soul with reverence as I stand in awe of Him! He truly is our “joy unspeakable and full of glory” and to be used by Him and to be in His presence is the greatest fulfillment of my life!

Sister Esther Maston!

Esther, Pat, my parents and I would appreciate your prayers as we travel and seek to make important decisions regarding the future of Hannah House. We are also excited to announce that Zaida has recently shared that she will be joining the Hannah House team where she will be volunteering half of her time with us and spending the rest of her time with the refugee work!

May God richly bless you!

Jonathan and Sangla