Hannah House in Thailand


hannah house pic 1Well summer vacation is officially over and this means everything is back to normal. Our Hannah House girls have already been back for a couple of weeks from their summer break. As we mentioned a couple months ago we brought in two more girls, Donut and Nat, bringing us up to 10 women. Both of them have been great additions to our ministry.

Donut is the youngest of 6 children born into a “Christian” Lisu family. When she was a toddler her mother died. Her father left them shortly after and went to Burma where he remarried and started a new family. Before coming to be with us her older brother looked after her. Now she is at Hannah House and doing well. She loves to play music and the guitar. Presently she is studying to be an accountant, which we hope she will use to bring God glory in the workforce. She asked people to pray for her, that she would be a positive thinker and that God would help her with her schooling.

Our other new girl Nat is from the Karen hill tribe group. Her people are mostly reached with the gospel. As for her family, they once claimed to be Christian, but have since reverted back to worshiping the spirits.

Nat asked Jesus into her life around 8th or 9th grade and has decided to follow the Lord. We are so thankful for her heart to come and be discipled. When she graduates she would like to be a tourist police. She asked for prayer for her family and also that God would help her with English and math.

Payao Prison:

I mentioned in the last newsletter that we needed prayer that Payao would allow us to come more regularly so we can truly disciple the men. Our other two prisons we had been going to refused to let us come more than once a month, which we felt wasn’t enough time to allow for deeper ministry. After meeting with a prison official at Payao he told us we could come twice a month for two hours each time. On top of this he also told us we could minister to the women at the same time!

We believe that this is the open door we have been looking for. Over these last couple weeks we have been discussing curriculum and preparing for a six to eight month discipleship program in the prison which we plan to start this month.


               >Supakit was given a 10 year visa to America and will be visiting the valley with Sangla and baby Paul this November and December! 

               >All of our girls are fully supported!

Prayer requests: 

               >Please pray for a man we ministered to down in the slums of Chiang Mai. I was able to present the gospel to him for the first time. He expressed he wanted Jesus in his life and wanted to go to Church to learn more.

               >Please also pray for the people in the slums. They have expressed interest in having a weekly small group down there which Supakit and I plan to start soon.

               >Please pray for spiritual protection as we are seeking to be lights in the dark places of Thailand.

God is doing great things and we thank you all for partnering with us in this work. God bless you all!

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