Hannah House by Jonathan Hawk


Hannah House is a division of Disciple Thailand Ministries a ministry developed by Holtville native Jonathan Hawk and his wife Ashley to reach the lost in Thailand.

Jonathan Hawk co-founder of HANNAH House, with wife Ashley back in the Valley for a Christmas fundraiser.

By Jonathan and Ashley Hawk

In thinking about mission trips, I believe most of us have at one point or another struggled as to whether short term trips are worth it. By this I mean they are expensive and hard to fit busy schedules. Then when one goes overseas, they have to overcome jet lag and in a short time try to communicate through a different language something that will impact others for Christ.

I now realize through my missionary trips just how fruitful they can be, both in my life and in the lives to whom I minister. In thinking about Christ’s ministry, it is astounding the impact He had in such a short time. Truly, if God used conventional wisdom about the work of Jesus, His ministry would be longer than the three years! Living radical lives and being intentional with the time we have on a trip is the difference between a glorified tropical expedition and a supernatural life-altering experience. God uses many of the short-term trips to change lives when those going are focused on serving the people and moving out of their comfort zones and rely on Jesus. When people do this, there should be no surprise when God shows up!

The Christ Community Team lead by Esther and Walt: 
In regards to the recent Valley missionary team, it is best that I share the response of one of our disciple’s reaction to the visiting team. She shared with Ashley she thought the team initially came to Thailand because they were rich, bored, and needed something to do. She then heard several men’s testimonies from the team…one who used to live on the streets, and she quickly learned that wasn’t the case! Ashley reassured her they were here to give and do ministry.

In Thailand, men and women have roles and those who are older and distinguished are highly respected and don’t do menial jobs. If you are an older white foreigner, this makes you even more special and are treated with high respect. So one of the men from the team decided to wash the dishes. The same woman was so astonished that he would humble himself to serve like this. She told Ashley that she didn’t know that there existed such a man like him in the world! During the team’s worship time she watched how they worshiped and said how she had never seen anyone worship like that before. Mission trips change the visitor and the visited in many ways.

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