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Ashley & Jonathan Hawk at their Annual Christmas Fundraiser at the Brawley Lions Center raising funds for their Thailand mission
Ashley & Jonathan Hawk at their Annual Christmas Fundraiser at the Brawley Lions Center raising funds for their Thailand mission

UPDATES from Ashley

Boy o’ boy, it’s a boy! This past month Jonathan and I found out the new addition to our family will be a boy! As you can imagine Jonathan is already planning fishing adventures and talks about buying him a fishing pole. As for me it seems the pregnancy is starting to get a lot easier and I am no longer as sick as I was in the beginning. We are both very excited to become parents.

At Hannah House I have been teaching the girls on Wednesday nights through “common issues” women struggle with. We discuss a new issue each week and learn how to find freedom in Christ. A few weeks ago our issue was insecurity. I knew many of our girls had struggled with various insecurities, however it surprised me after my teaching that all the girls were amazed with what was taught. One girl, Ahsa, said, “I have never heard anyone teach like this before, it is amazing!” I was so surprised by her comment I had to ask what that even meant. Apparently most Thais are not use to talking about their issues and cover them up as if everything is ok. Also in most churches they don’t address heart issues, so many of the girls are taught they must always live with their struggles. Praise God we were able to talk, teach, and show them how to find freedom in Christ!

In addition to Wednesday nights, I also assist Sangla and Zaida with morning devotions. Even though we are all tired most mornings, it has been a great time in seeing the girls step out and grow. We recently have started teaching the girls how to lead a devotion of their own. The majority of the girls have never taught before so this has been a great time in getting to see the girls step out and share what God is doing in their own lives. Friday night community is going great as well! Every Friday we focus on having a fun teaching where we invite friends and neighbors to join in fellowship with Hannah House. We are praying this will grow and the girls will begin to invite more friends.

The most exciting news for October is an evangelistic camp we are putting on at the end of the month. The girls and the church Supakit leads will be heading out of Chiang Mai to camp. The girls and church members are inviting friends and family who do not know Jesus to go with us. We are praying that through this camp many will come to know Jesus and the girls will learn how to evangelize.

Lastly I just want to update you on the prisons. At Payo we have seen a huge amount of favor from the officials. As Jonathan mentioned in last month’s newsletter we are able to meet separately with both the men and women twice a month! Last month Zaida and Sangla were able to go deeper with the women and actually talk to each woman about their life. The women were so hungry to participate in what was being taught. On the men’s side it wasn’t quite as personal due to their being so many. However God still moved powerfully and many of the men committed or recommitted their lives to the Lord.

Jonathan, Ashley, and little Baby

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