Hallo-Woof-Ween 5K Fun Run/2K Walk


CALEXICO – The volunteers at the Calexico Animal Shelter have scared up a fun and healthy event to raise money for their local animal shelter.


Diana Danials, one of the many volunteers of the shelter, said, “We invite everyone to participate in the Inaugural Hallo-Woof-Ween 5K Run/2K Walk event with your pets!”


 This wild menagerie will take place October 27 from 8 -10 am in Downtown Calexico. They claim, and they are undoubtedly right, that this is the first of its kind in the Valley as they are inviting all walkers, runners and families to bring along their pets, dressed up in Halloween costumes, to raise funds for a very worthy, but often forgotten cause: The Calexico Animal Shelter.


Daniels said about two years ago a volunteer found the Calexico Animal Shelter in serious need of help. She knew something needed to be done and felt there were other animal lovers who would help. Through the course of a few months, and with the help of the Calexico City Council, a volunteer program was created.


Today they have over 30 volunteers on file and each weekend a few of those donate their time, energy and even their own money to help give these animals the love and care they need.


Recently, they have come across a few dogs that needed medical attention. The dogs were sweet, according to the volunteers, but without a visit to the vet and sometimes surgery, the dogs had no hope of adoption.


Daniels pointed to one case in particular, “I want to highlight a dog in particular, affectionately referred to as Charlie, the cherry-eyed dog. Charlie had a very common condition called cherry eye. We knew what would happen to him if he didn’t get taken to a vet—he would never make it. We began to share his story with others and thanks to a number of donations, Charlie not only got his surgery but he was also adopted.”


Charlie was a water-shed moment for the group. They realized what they could do for these animals with a little publicity, a little elbow grease, and a lot of creativity.


So this band of volunteers continues with their efforts. There are dogs that come constantly needing help like Charlie. These dogs live for the weekend when the volunteers come to play with them.


With the largesse of the community, they plan to raise enough funds to build a new roof, expand the play yard, and have a rainy day account for medical emergencies and critical care. The money will also go to everyday necessities such as shampoo, towels, cleaning wipes, flea & tick medicine, and the dogs’ favorites, toys & treats.


They are grateful for every little bit that comes their way. Whether you can sponsor the event or simply come and enjoy the fun on October 27 by running or walking with everyone that day, the good Samaritans look forward to your participation in helping raise awareness for their shelter as well as starting a new event in the city of Calexico.


Bring your dogs and costumes!!!

Cause: Calexico Animal Shelter When: October 27, 2012

Registrations end October 23, 2012

Time: 8AM-10AM (registration at 7 AM)

Where: Calexico City Hall on Fifth Street and Heber Avenue in Calexico, California

 Price: $25 (shirt included) Raffle tickets $5 at the event for great prizes

 *To register for the fun run, please register at www.active.com.

*Visit us on our Facebook Page (Calexico Animal Shelter)

*All dogs must be leashed during event

All Proceeds Benefit the CALEXICO ANIMAL SHELTER