Haiti Team Update #4  


haitiToday was an amazing day.  I don’t think I can come close to capturing it in this message.

It started with Celissa and Kenol sharing that they had really bad dreams about Satan attacking and trying to take someone from our team but they fought back in the power of Christ.

So I called Jim, Walt, Norm, John and Lonnie together and we had a powerful time of prayer – we totally felt God’s presence and protective hand.

We started our first day of clinics and were overwhelmed by so many people showing up.

Our teams did amazing.  The eyeglass clinic people saw and gave out over 250 pairs of glasses.  Pastor Tucker, Connie, Lonnie, John and Kim were working on the eyeglasses.

The medical clinic people saw 100 patients.  There were a lot more people waiting to be seen but they ran out of time so they will have to come back tomorrow.

There were some very serious cases that came through, like the 22 day old premature baby who was born via c-section because his mom had chikungunya and he hadn’t eaten because her milk never came in, and the woman with a serious heart condition, etc.

There were many, many basic medical issues that they were able to give out medicine for or treat.  50% of the people had chikungunya.  But then there were some people who came and the diagnosis would be things like (from Tina and Sonia) “You’re pregnant!  Stop having sex – that’s all I can tell you!”  and “Your problem is your bra is too tight!”  There were some funny dooseys.

There were also cases that were spiritual oppression so they would pray for them.  Sonia, Tina, Lindsay, and Jillian were the medical team.

What is so funny is that Sonia has a lot of experience in the medical field, however not one of them is a registered nurse or a doctor (which is who would typically put on a medical clinic), and yet God used them and guided them and they did amazing!

Andrew the Voodoo priest came to the mission for Pastor Walt to pray for his injured hand.  By the time he left, after some intense prayer his hand was 50% better and he could close it and make a fist, which he couldn’t do before.

Pastor Walt told him he thinks that when he finally surrenders to the Lord, the Lord will give complete healing.

Andrew then went to the eyeglass clinic and while he was being evaluated, Connie “randomly” grabbed a pair of glasses off the table for him to try, and he was so happy because they were perfect and he could see so well.

Well it turns out that those glasses happened to be bifocals.  The thing is, we brought a lot of glasses, but we didn’t bring any bifocals!  Pastor Jim told Andrew that Jesus provided those just for him – it was amazing!

Kathy was leading the children’s ministry team which included Chad, Alani, Madison, Christina, Amanda and a few Haitian helpers such as Nedy, Felix, James, and Geutchina.  They were completely inundated with kids and at times felt a little out of control.

As usual, Kathy had done a thorough and professional job of planning amazing ways to share Bible stories with the kids and then meaningful craft projects and games.

Chad was resourceful like a Haitian and came asking me for duct tape so he could wrap of balls of trash with it to make “soccer balls” for the kids who didn’t have any.

Norm was sharing Christ with many of the people there and about 15 came to Christ.  He was so excited about that.

Pastor Walt was also sharing Christ and praying for people in need, but he had a spiritual attack – physically with intense back pain.  After rest and prayer he felt better.

Lonnie barbecued hamburgers and I helped prepare the rest of dinner for the team who finally took a break (they had an hour lunch break too) at about 4:00, when they came back to shower the germs off of them, relax for a few minutes, debrief about the day, eat dinner, and put on church clothes to go back for the revival service at 6:00.

When we first arrived we were disappointed because there was a large tent covering, stage, sound system, worship team from out of town, etc., and yet there were only about 25 Haitians in attendance.  Pastors Walt and Norm had gone east through the village, all decked out in their preaching suits, to invite people to the revival.

A little later Jim, Robenson and I went the other direction to invite people, but we were specifically looking for Andrew the Voodoo priest and his sister, the Mambo (Voodoo priestess who lives down the road and specializes in children’s health care – black magic style, but with genuine care and concern).

The mambo lady invited us in to the party that was going on at her house and to meet her family.  She was so gracious and promised to come to our revival, which she did.

At one point when she was leaving towards the end and I grabbed Pastor Walt and introduced her to him.  He asked her about receiving Christ as her savior and she said that she wants to, but it will be tomorrow night or the next one.

She said she came tonight to hear if the preaching is pure and will be back the next two nights.  Please pray for her!  Andrew wasn’t home, but we invited the other people hanging around his house, like one young woman who was dressed in a red halter dress.

She wouldn’t come with us at first because she said she didn’t have any appropriate church clothes.  We convinced her that Jesus said to come as you are and that we want her there anyway.  She finally relented and came.

At one point, I noticed her leaving the revival and I went over and found out that some of the Haitian “church leaders” who had been lined up to help as ushers/bouncers, were kicking her out because of her attire.

Pastors Walt and Jim came around and then I proceeded to get in a big argument with the largest and most vocal man about this that ended with him yelling at me in Creole, “You’re white and you’re the one who invited her so you go buy her some clothes!)

While Tina and I were over rounding up some shoes and a cover-up shirt for her, Pastor Walt and a few others there led her to Christ!

The worship music and the spirit of the worship in that place, which had started to fill up, on Haitian time, was so lively and so full of joy.

The worship team was very good.  Pastor Norm did a great job sharing his impactful testimony and then Pastor Walt shared a simply but powerful Gospel message, challenging them to forsake Voodoo and come to Christ.

At the end when he asked if anyone wanted to make decisions to receive Christ, about 20 raised their hands.  He was shocked and discouraged though, when none of them would come forward, only the children!

He kept trying and then finally turned over the microphone to the worship leader.  The worship leader sensed that God wasn’t done yet and His spirit was moving, so he just started calling people to come forward and repent and call on the Name of Jesus, and they DID!

One at a time who could see who wanted to come but was hesitant, and he would call on them and they would come up! Then both Felix and Davidson went forward, as well as Louchiard (after I introduced him to Pastor Walt).

In total, out of about 300 people there, about 60 people accepted Christ as their savior!

There was sooo much more, but I am absolutely exhausted and cannot type another word!  And we are on for Round 2 tomorrow!

Thank you again for praying for our team!!!


Nikki Rothfleisch