Haiti Team Update #3


haitiThis morning Christina Dammarell led the devotional and then we left to go to Montrouis to visit an orphanage we had never been to.

A Baptist pastor who, with the help of a Canadian couple, started the orphanage immediately after the January 2010 earthquake to take in earthquake orphans.

Sadly, this couple has since passed away, along with their consistent support.  So now they have to live by faith, depending on the Lord daily.  When we arrived late morning the children had not eaten yet because they didn’t have propane to cook with.

So while our team did programs with the kids, Celissa went and bought them gas.  We also brought them rice and bananas.

Kathy led a great Bible teaching time on the Creation story and God’s love for them and then the team helped the girls color and cut out paper dolls and clothes for them for each little girl to keep one of her own, and helped the boys make paper airplanes.

They had fun with this.  Then they played with bubbles and had a soccer game with one of the mission balls (soccer balls with the Gospel in Creole printed all over them) brought down by John Moiola.  Chad and Sonia jumped right in the game with the kids and had a blast.

The rest of the ladies played games like red light, green light with the girls and Christina got her nails painted by the pastor’s daughter.

The team was blessed to interact with the children and the children were blessed by the team giving them love, attention, God’s Word, and some little gifts.

Celissa’s mom, who lives in Montrouis, heard Celissa was starting a goat project here at our mission (2 goats so far) so she wanted to bless us and brought a goat down to the orphanage to give to us.  (Celissa’s mom is a very poor widow, so this was a huge blessing).

We put the animal lady, Lindsay Cox, in charge of the goat as it rode around everywhere in the canter with us.  We went down to the ocean where Celissa used to bathe before school as a little girl and the team jumped in for a refreshing swim.

We then toured Consider Haiti, a Haitian run mission project that’s main purpose is to help people with rabbit and goat projects as well as various fruit trees.  He gives them to people in need, but we buy ours from him (at a very good price). For example, we about 16 more trees for our property today for $50 total.

Next we went to the port to pick up the three pastors who were returning from La Gonave, who got back much later than expected due to some issues with another team that was there at the same time and decided to leave early due to someone being sick.

On that note, please pray for Pastor Benis because he was depending on that large team this week during his crusade and they had already advertised and planned for medical clinics and Bible studies that this team was supposed to do but now won’t be there.

I’m sure this has added a lot of stress to his plate, as he is already so busy with the crusade and had to preach tonight and will now have many people walking for miles for a clinic that is no longer happening.  I will get back to what happened with the pastors on La Gonave shortly…

After the pastors arrived and getting to experience the flurry of activity at the port  -a ferry boat being loaded and departing for the island – we all returned to the mission, had lunch, some had a brief rest, and then we set out for a walk through the village.

Celissa took the Nissan pickup and Pastor Alberto (Haitian) and Jim Tucker rode around with our new handy dandy speaker that runs on battery charge and has a microphone and plays music from an iPod.

They drove all around the village roads playing worship music and announcing over the microphone the details of the clinics and revival and inviting people to come.  The rest of us set out on foot with four interpreters and went door-to-door inviting people.

Lots happened along the way, I will just give you a few highlights…we prayed for a lady at Pastor Louissainte’s (not sound theologically) orphanage who has been very sick in her head and on a bed for over a month.

They had taken her to a witch doctor and we could feel the dark oppression there so we prayed a couple of times and sang a worship song and told them to come to the clinic and revival but if she can’t, we will come check on her and pray for her some more.

While the team went on ahead, Pastor Walt stopped to talk to a man who was a Satan worshipper.  Lonnie was with him and I stood back and prayed while they talked.

The man really wanted to repent and come to Christ!  But sadly he said he wasn’t ready today – what if something happens and he dies tomorrow?!

It’s so sad how often people know what to do and yet they put it off, risking the eternity of their very souls.  L  We visited Baby Brenda Nicole Grisel who is now 16 months old (named after 3 Christ Community Church women, myself included, who prayed for her right after she was born and were asked to name her).

She looked really good but her mom said she has been vomiting for the last three days so we prayed for her and told her to come to the clinic.  We went to another house where they asked us to pray for a lady who has been very sick with heart issues and as Pastor Walt talked and prayed with her, Jillian and I hung back and prayed for both of them.

Pastor Walt ended up leading her to Christ!  We will check on her tomorrow if she doesn’t make it over to the clinic.

Walking on down the road we came to a voodoo house and while Pastor Walt talked with some of the people there, the rest of us walked all around the property praying over it.

We went on to find another Voodoo house we had never even seen before and Walter and Norm talked to the 99 year old man there whose son is now a Voodoo priest in the US and sent money to his father to build this one so he can come visit it and do his work (and make his money) there.

Then we came to the Voodoo Priest Andrew’s house, who several of our people have witnessed to over the past year.  He was very happy to see his friend Pastor Walt and asked him to pray for his hand that is injured (that in itself was a big deal).  He said he would come to the clinic and revival.

I went down the road and visited the Mambo (female Voodoo priest) and she also said she would come to the clinic and revival.  We saw many others along the way that we talked to and prayed with.

I even saw little Guetchina and she told me her grandmother who helped take care of her died two months ago so she is now living with her father, who is a terrible father and a crook.  (Her mother died a couple of years ago because she got burned in a cooking fire and instead of taking her to the hospital he took her to the witch doctor.  Some of our past teams have built a relationship with this girl).

Then, right back here at our mission, Jim and Connie led our translator Chantal to Christ and she wants to get baptized on Sunday at the beach with us!

John Moiola, who is very quiet and reserved, said that he really loved everything we did today and especially going through the village talking and praying with people.

He’s so low-key, but anything we ask him to do he jumps on with no hesitation, whether it’s to go talk to a village person or to do handyman jobs.

Kim, Connie and Sonia cooked a wonderful (Ramey’s) carne asada dinner for us while the three pastors, Celissa, and myself were out on the porch in a meeting with Pastor Alberto (from the Lifeline church we are doing the revival in conjunction with) over some theological differences that have come to light.  So pray for that too please!  The conversation will continue over the next few days…

Amanda is feeling better and led a sweet devotional tonight.  The verses she referenced were inspired by verses she saw written by past team members on the wood boards under the mattresses on the top bunk beds (that she would look at while lying on the bottom bunk).  J

The pastors then filled in the team on what went on over on the island last night…it started off with “Fishman” Jim Tucker making a flyboat (speedboat that carries about 20 people at a time over to La Gonave Island – about a 45 minute trip) driver stop so that he could jump in the ocean for a swim.

There was a little drama and the driver and the rest of the Haitians paying to get a ride weren’t too happy with him!  LOL!  The entire journey up to the top of the island on the rocky trail is slow, long, and tiring, and they finally arrived in Mapou Village at about 2:00 in the afternoon.

They enjoyed getting to visit with our dear friends and ministry partners, Pastor Benis and Dominique Guerrier.

That evening as they were at the soccer stadium getting ready for the crusade to start a funny thing happened…Pastors Walt and Jim were in a dark room getting dressed in their dark suits and didn’t realize till later that they had each other’s suits on and ended up wearing them the rest of the night, haha.

Walter prayed in the stadium before the service started for the Holy Spirit to blow through there like the wind and right then, in the middle of dead calm, a gust of wind blew through.  (This has actually happened three times on this trip so far, another time with him and once with me when I was praying for the Satan worshipper – it’s as if God is giving us an encouragement that He is with us J).

As the people assembled in the soccer stadium, it began to rain.  Sound equipment was getting wet, people started leaving and running for cover.

Pastor Benis had lined up a radio station that broadcasts all through Haiti and even in Florida and New York to be there and he knew they were going to have to leave too.

At the exact same time this was going on, the team back on the mainland saw in the sky what was going on and began to pray.  People at home were praying.

The pastors there at the crusade were praying.  The island desperately needs water – it hasn’t rained there for months and crops are dying and people are suffering.

Tina prayed that the hand of God would come over that stadium and that the clouds would part and allow just the stadium area to be dry so that the crusade would continue (we were not in any communication with those on the island, btw).

Kim went outside and looked out at the sky over the island area in the distance and reported to the team that sure enough, the clouds were parted in this one small strip out there where it wasn’t raining!

Pastor Walt said that was indeed right over them and they were able to continue you with the service as planned.  Thank you Jesus!

Pastor Tucker shared his testimony about cancer and then went on to talk about the much worse cancer of sin.  It was very powerful and he then gave an altar call – many people raise their hands but only 38 adults were brave enough to come forward (there were children as well).

This was the third night of the crusade and the first “harvest,” so that was exciting!  Pastor Walt gave his message next, which he had been stumped on preparing for right up until that time.

The verse he had written on a sticky note in his Bible to close with was this: Isaiah 44:3 “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty and floods on the dry ground.”  Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened…right then it started raining.  We serve an awesome God.  J

Back to tonight…Pastor Walt mentioned to me that he has a spot on the back of his head that has been hurting him for 2 weeks.

So I used my persuasiveness, kind of against his will, to get him to let Connie try her massage techniques.   He looked sooo relaxed when she was done with him and he said he felt better.  She also did round 2 on Celissa and I and I can say I really do feel so much better.

She is gifted.  It’s very late and tomorrow we start our clinics, children’s programs, and then the revival in the evening, so I better sign off now.

We really do appreciate and need your prayers on our behalf – especially for people to come to the revival, hear the Word, repent and be saved.

Blessings in Christ,

Nikki Rothfleisch