Group talks with Officer Amaya at Brawley Library’s book discussion

(L-R) Helen Noriega listens with Judy and Phil Grant as Brawley Police Officer Ana Amaya speaks on her experience as a female law enforcement officer as the library joins in the One Read program of “Girl Waits With Gun”

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Public Library’s third book talk session group met April 11 to discuss Girl Waits With Gun, a novel about a woman seeking justice for an accident that never should have happened to her family. The book was described as a thrilling dive into the world of fiction.

Girl Waits With Gun is a fictional story, however, the library group wished to speak with someone who would know about the dangers of the job the main character faces in the plot, and invited Brawley Police Officer Ana Amaya to join them.

Officer Amaya was given the floor to talk a bit about herself and what she does as an officer at the Brawley Police Department. Giving her background, Amaya admitted she originally studied to be a nurse, but soon decided she wanted to help people in a different way, particularly children, and she believed there were more opportunities to do that as a police officer. Going through the rigorous police academy, she graduated as one of the few female officers in her class.

“I wanted to do more,” said Amaya, of her change in careers. “I always wanted to help kids, especially those who can’t help themselves.”

Amaya requested to be placed in Brawley. In her two years of serving here, she has not regretted it, saying she would not go anywhere else.

Currently the School Resource Officer at Brawley Union High School, Amaya said it is a job she enjoys doing and believes she is seeing some small changes in the students.

Amaya said she hopes her work with the students will help them learn to respect officers more within the community, especially with the national negativity surrounding police at the moment.

Tying into the theme of the novel discussed, Amaya is one of many female officers in the country, a number rapidly growing, yet rare a mere decade ago.

Brawley Library board member Judy Grant said plans continue on having these sessions on interesting books and individuals in the Valley.