Grease: A Movie Sing-A-Long


the mccallum 2

Several years ago a Canadian outfit decided to take some popular movie musicals and superimpose the lyrics to the songs onto the film. The film would then be released to audiences and marketed as a sing-a-long. The list of films includes THE SOUND OF MUSIC, WEST SIDE STORY, MARY POPPINS, GREASE, and some others.


Last year, the McCallum Theater in Palm Desert decided to show THE SOUND OF MUSIC on Super Bowl Sunday and it was a success. People came, dressed in costumes, won prizes, and sang along with Julie Andrews and crew to this well loved musical.


This year the film was GREASE; the satirical look back at high school at the end of the 1950’s when girls wore pony tails and the not so ‘good guy’ had greasy hair and a leather jacket. Most of us know this was a showcase film for John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. And most of us know the songs and have sung many of them over and over. I still have my daughter’s original album from the film here at my house. She was five when the movie came out and it became on of her favorites.


People came of Sunday dressed at Pink Ladies and Thunderbirds. We had Sandy as the good girl and Sandy as the transformed girl at the end of the film. There were a couple of Rizzo’s and three great ‘Beauty School Drop-outs’. Seeing it again for the umpteenth time, but with the lyrics on display, makes you realize there were innuendos you might have missed or glossed over the first couple of times you saw the film.


The purpose of the sing a long film is to have fun and you do. The audience engages with great glee is the singing and sometimes dancing with the on screen stars. I never knew there were real words to the ‘hand jive’ song, but I had a blast doing it again. I have no idea what the next film will be next year; but I do encourage you to go. It really doesn’t hurt to miss a Super Bowl. This is so much more fun and different.


If you’ve never been to something at the McCallum I encourage you to check them out. They offer a wide variety of shows and performances for all ages. Later this spring, before the heat, they will have a great band concert with an Ice Cream social. There is also a talent show for youngsters who want to try and see if the theater is something they would like to try as a career.


So on Sunday, February 1, 2015 Grease was the word one more time and for those of us who were there, it was a good word.

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