Gov. Jerry Brown Calls Congress Drought Bill ‘Unwelcome And Divisive’



SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that a Republican effort in Congress to address California’s unprecedented drought is an “unwelcome and divisive intrusion” in the state’s efforts to address the crisis by pitting water users against one another.

Brown, a Democrat, sent a letter Monday to leadership of the House Committee on Natural Resources and California’s entire congressional delegation asking them to oppose HR3964, which is scheduled to be taken up this week.

The legislation, which is sponsored by California’s Republican congressional delegation, would allow farmers to increase pumping from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and create a House-Senate committee to tackle water problems.

“It would override state laws and protections, and mandate that certain water interests come out ahead of others,” Brown wrote in his letter. “It falsely suggests the promise of water relief when that is simply not possible given the scarcity of water supplies.”


  1. well I hate to say this but governor moonbeam is right for the wrong reason, the fed needs to stay out of an individual state’s issue. The only thing the fed should be doing is lifting regulations like EPA B.S. that would let the state have more flexibility to meet the needs in this crisis.

  2. moonbeam is at it again ….. protect a fish but destroy jobs, economics and california.

    the high speed rail genie will solve everything and moonbeam can move to dumber things

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