God’s Not Dead



I went to see the movie yesterday, “God’s Not Dead.” Actually, I went twice since the power went out at the Mall and we were evacuated the first time. If you can rent the movie “God’s Not Dead”, I would encourage you to do so. I think it is a good film to watch with your children, especially those who will soon be off to college. It is a story about “apologetics” which means, “defending the faith.” The story is about is male Christian student, in a class taught by an oppressive atheist, who is called to stand up for his Savior by denying the existence of his deity. The professor required students to all write “God Is Dead” so he wouldn’t have to teach about God in a philosophy class. One student stood up for Christ and counted the cost.


We are all called to stand up. In Acts 1 we are called to be witnesses, but unfortunately men don’t make such good witnesses these days. As a college student, back in the day, I don’t remember having a Christian instructor, nor having to defend faith. I wasn’t a Christian so there was never a conflict. After the power went out, Walter Colace, an outstanding local pastor, stood up and encouraged those in the audience to share their faith. A couple guys went first, and then I took my opportunity to share what Christ did in my life. I had never done that before. It is easier to write a column than stand up in a public place and talk the talk, and walk the walk. I do not boast in me but Christ in my life. Is the Holy Spirit living inside you? Then stand up when you get the call!


There were many things I liked about the movie. The hero was humble, and he didn’t get the girl! It has been a long time since I hadn’t heard that familiar formula replayed in film. Guess what he got at the end of the movie…


OK, you give up. He got a disciple! How often does that happen in film? How often does that happen in your life? In Matthew 28 we are called to “make disciples.” You are called, but do you respond? The classroom in the movie had about 80 students, but only one moved for the Messiah. Men, you have a chance to move every day.


I also liked the diversity theme in the movie. It showed the struggles of a Muslim woman and how her faith cost her family. We in America have it pretty easy. We can change churches or faith, and most family or friends will hardly blink. Professing Christ for some really requires sacrifice. The film also showed how people around us are searching, questioning and wanting, and they just need someone to stand up, like a lighthouse, that they can follow home. There was also some great Newsboys music. They were featured in a scene where they shared the Good News with a somewhat Samaritan woman.


It also had a surprise ending. No walking off into the sunset, but worship. I shared the joy of the saints as they sung, “God’s not dead!” with the Newsboys and a second cameo with duck dude Willie Robertson. What do rednecks, communists, adulterers, Muslims, the bereaved and many men all have in common?


They all just need someone near them to stand up and say “God’s not dead.”