Girls Shine at Inaugural Imperial Valley Girls Rock



HOLTVILLE —  In the Valley, deserving, mature women are honored for their actions, character, and overall commitment to bettering the community. On Thursday, younger females 5 and up joined their ranks with the inaugural “Imperial Valley Girls Rock!”

The Imperial Valley Girls Rock nomination gives recognition to the younger women of the Valley, down to as young as five years old. Darletta Willis, CEO of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce, thought it would be inspiring and let younger women know the community is looking out for them.

“Any positive image we can give the girls is needed in the Valley,” said Willis. “Hopefully the event will go on forever.”

Over 150 people attended the event and celebrated with the nominees. All proceeds will go towards scholarships that will be awarded in the spring.

Nominees were chosen based on their outstanding services to the community, academic and professional accomplishments, including those who devote time and energy to their community in meaningful way and serve as a role model to others.

Recognizing the efforts and contributions of Imperial Valley girls who rock! Nominees included; Anne Eleanor Britschgi, Katie Luna, Hailey Contreras, Reet Goyal, Caelynn Iten, Maya Lara, Kailah Alvarez, Artemisa Zapata, Miranda Montenegro, Alea Seifert, Kimberly Barraza, Robyn Kelley, Kiana Nava, Sakhi Patel and Angie Peña.

Reet Goyal of Brawley and Hailey Contreras, were two of four nominated for humanitarian who dedicated time and fighting indifference, intolerance, and injustice and who demonstrated act of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy to all member of the communities.

“I’m very honored, out of all the girls in the Valley, I was nominated,” said Goyal.

“I do a lot of things at school, but I didn’t think I would be picked for this,” admitted Hailey Contreras of El Centro.

Six of the nominees were also honored with special recognition in separate categories and received prizes.

All funds raised from ticket and raffle sales go towards funding high school and college scholarships that will be given out in the spring, according to Willis.


  1. Truly was a magical evening! A huge thanks to the chamber for picking my daughter, Hailey to be chosen as IV Girls rocks’ Humanitarian !

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