George Clooney May be Considering Run for California Governor



by Alexandra Ward

HOLLYWOOD – George Clooney is reportedly mulling a foray into politics, according to sources who claim the Oscar-winning actor is considering a run for California governor in 2018.

A source close to the 53-year-old “Ocean’s Eleven” star told the U.K.’s Sunday Mirror that he could even run for president in 2022.

“George is hugely popular with the Democrats and where better place to put him than as the Governor of California, the home of Hollywood,” the source said. “It has always been a huge stronghold for the party and one that has a proven record for getting politicians into the Oval office. Now that [fiancée] Amal [Alamuddin] is by his side it has boosted his credentials even higher.”

Clooney announced his engagement to Alamuddin, a London-based human rights lawyer, in April.

Politics is not altogether foreign to the “Gravity” star, as he has spent years as an active humanitarian, often campaigning for human rights issues. He was even arrested for demonstrating outside the Sudanese embassy in 2012.

Similarly, politics is not an altogether foreign field for actors, especially in California. After a successful film and TV career, Ronald Regan served two terms as California governor. He went on to become the 40th President of the United States.

“Terminator” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger also served as California governor for two terms, in 2003 and 2007.