Gary Wyatt selected to Director of Intergovernmental Relations


Gary Wyatt

EL CENTRO – Imperial County announced the selection of Gary Wyatt as the new Director of Intergovernmental Relations.

Mr. Wyatt brings 22 years of county service to his new task, having spent the last 12 years working as the county’s representative to multiple state and federal organizations.  He has been extensively involved in the legislative and governmental affairs of Imperial County and concurrently has created countless valuable relationships and connections.

“I am very excited to serve Imperial County as the new Intergovernmental Relations Director” Wyatt said, “Following in the shoes of my predecessor, Bob Ham, will be challenging but it is a challenge I am ready to embrace.”

The position is a part of the CEO’s office and tasked with assisting the Board of Supervisors, CEO and county departments with their involvement with legislative and regulatory agencies at all levels.

“Mr. Wyatt brings a unique and valuable mix of experience and understanding to this position. With our intergovernmental issues and relationships becoming ever more complex and necessary, I believe Imperial County will be well served with this appointment”, stated Imperial County CEO Ralph Cordova.

Gary Wyatt is coming on board at a critical time with California’s budget discussion, May Revise and many legislative matters looming, including numerous federal and local concerns to be addressed by the County Board of Supervisors.




  1. Mr. Wyatt,
    The county could not have picked a better man than yourself. You have a proved track record on everything that you have been asked to do. Congratulations and the best for the future.

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