Galindo raises concerns of ECAC to IID Board






EL CENTRO – IID Director Norma Galindo raises concerns brought up in a recent Energy Consumers Advisory Committee (ECAC) at the regular meeting of the IID Board of Directors on Tuesday, August 6.

The ECAC meets on a monthly basis and Galindo attends these meetings representing the IID Board of Directors.

IID projects that are approved by the IID Board usually have a 10% contingency attached to cover extra costs incurred. Some projects take weeks or months to complete and unforeseen costs are covered by this contingency.

Galindo commented on the Emergency Authorizations that are requested on previously approved projects.

“If a project is approved, why is it that so often, the department has to come back and request additional funding?” asked Galindo. “In some cases, the contingency is greater than 10%. Also, it seems that many projects are related to one another. If that is the case, why is there not enough effort in coordinating the financial part of those projects? The Emergency Authorizations usually come to the Board at the last minute or after the fact and we are forced to authorize these extra monies without much explanation. This happens too often. It has become par for the course and it shouldn’t be. Once a project is funded, there should be no reason for additional funding. It seems to be ongoing and it needs to stop. I’d suggest to the General Manager to direct proper staff proofread resolutions or recommendations prior to being incorporated into the agenda. Perhaps they can be read out loud to the Board as a matter of record.”

Jerry Gauna, ECAC member, asked that the Board please look at these extra funds that are being added to projects.

“These funds should go back to the ratepayer,” said Gauna. “They should not be used to add to these projects that have already been funded.”

In a related matter, Director Bruce Kuhn commented on a request he received from a wounded veteran that was experiencing financial difficulties.

“I received a call from a young former Marine wounded in Afghanistan and was scheduled to have his power disconnected,” said Kuhn. “He wanted to know if there was anything that could be done or if there was a program that we could help him with. There was no time for that. I just want people to know what some of these young men and women have to go through when they return from defending our country. He was discharged, medically, with severe wounds 7 months ago. If the Veterans Administration is not ashamed of their inaction, I will be embarrassed and ashamed for them. He’s not received anything, not one cent. That’s why he in a pickle. In any training I have received, be it military or police, you don’t leave wounded on the battlefield. He’s now in a financial battle and he’s wounded. I paid his bill, but we need to do something to get this young man his benefits. He was working at a local business. He was fired for not getting his wounds healed in a timely manner. I can’t over emphasize how sad I am over this situation and how he has been treated. I ask that Mr. Gauna look into what you can do for this young man in your ECAC committee. State Senator Juan Vargas has a representative in the audience and I ask that you look into this matter as well.”

The name of the veteran was not shared for privacy concerns.



  1. “Trainer/Employee Development Facilitator

    The Imperial Irrigation District is seeking a Trainer to perform professional training duties in support of the Personnel Development section, including training and development programs for all employees, management and leadership development, occupational and adult education, career counseling and experience working with an enterprise learning solution system. Bachelor’s degree in liberal studies, business or public administration or directly related degree and four years of experience directly related to management development or adult occupational development and instruction required. Vocational Education Teaching Credential highly desired.”

    Somebody is paying attention. Individual IID staff and management should have a stipulated annual investment in extended education and training. Management and employees should plan and submit requests for their annual extended training/education within the individuals stipulated annual training/education budget. The annual training investment/plan should be reviewed and approved by each individual’s, management or staff’s, department supervisior. This along with an intelligent and effective professional internship program for high school and college students will eventually elimenate the chronic issue of professional skills scarcity and the great expense and need for outside consultants.

  2. Project scope creep has been a problem forever Norma and is a result of a lack of the following. Look to a sustained annual budget for extended education and training investment in staff and management as 1/2 of the solution. Look for revised, enhanced and enforced standard operating procedures as the other 1/2 of the solution. Go get em old girl.

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