Further Observations From a Retiree Traveler with Ties to IID


letters to the editorAs many at IID know, I’ve been involved in strategic planning at IID along with several successful large companies and believe strongly that planning is key to success at any company. In that regard I have been known to quote an old anonymous saying: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.”


With the above in mind, I am compelled to ask, is there a plan for IID’s future?

In the short term, where is the controversial and much discussed Transmission Plan that was due in March and no later than April? As I understand this was communicated as a central concern for the claimed need for management and staff changes.


For the long term, where is the Succession Plan? Succession planning is necessary to maintain internal knowledge and skills, in particular for key managerial and staff positions and functions. Doing so establishes a foundation to allow for improvements, thus minimizing the potential for deterioration in these areas. Indications from current IID “leadership” is that there is sufficient time down the road to create a Succession Plan.


Developing a Succession Plan and in particular as part of that replacing the consultants with internal staff should be priority one. The process of recruiting , training, and redeveloping the wisdom and knowledge lost with the recent actions will take years. Even if that never existed, being core functions, those Energy roles and associated functions are some of the most critical to establish and develop internally. The longer this is delayed the longer it will take to properly fill these roles and then develop staff . The difficulty of addressing this situation is compromised by the need for professional registration, physical location, extreme industry competition, lack of competitive industry compensation packages, internal inequities and the accelerating retirements of the baby boomer era personnel.


Accelerating the process of moving from external staff support to internal staffing would also save significant funds as the consultant effort is more than twice as expensive as maintaining internal staff salaries and benefits. If completed quickly this alone would save millions in consultant expenditures leaving more than sufficient funds for addressing the noted shortfalls and leave funds for operation, maintenance activities and capital projects.


For the sake of IID’s employees, Valley citizens, their children and grandchildren I hope succession planning was included in the deliverables of the $9 million consultant fee.


Arn Lahde


  1. Arn, let’s not look away from the facts. Stop trying to make the one Board of Directors look like he cares about IID. Everyone knows that Kuhn is in it to save his buddies and let them run around IID like cops & fireman. The amount of money wasted on the dive team and having the dive team under the emergency management unit is just proof that Kuhn doesn’t care about what’s best for IID.
    Why is IID still allowing the two F-350 lifted with a light-bar being driven when everyone knows it’s ground for impersonating a law-enforcement vehicle. Why are these vehicles allowed to go to their homes??? Why is the IID allowing the dive team go to career day at schools and talk about the dive team? Kuhn has bully management to leave this dive team alone and let them run around wild. Just look at the budget from 2012 up to 2016 for the emergency management unit and you will see how it inflated drastically. Talk about wasting money, let’s look at the ridiculous equipment and toys the dive leader has bought.
    Another fact is where is the Safety unit on this dive team and why are they not running the dive team?? What is the health of all members of the dive team? Have they been cleared by a true dive Doctor or are we just using the buddy system???
    Kuhn you have no business being a Board of Director at IID. Stick to your seasoning business……

    • This is not Matt. Homeboy you have lots to learn. For the record it was a 3-2 vote to activate the dive team. We all know about the bro-mance between Kuhn and the dive team’s manager. What happen to , “I’ll do what’s best for IID and the rate payers???” All out the window if you ask me. Kuhn is by far the most crooked board of director IID has ever had. Instead of looking at ZG lets do a background check on Kuhn and the dive team. Let’s see what kind of skeletons come out……

      • ZG controls all the energy management jobs putting a ceiling on all local employees moving up. Effectively, IID just trains young engineers & employees so they can move on to other companies. That’s more of a threat to the community than spending a few dollars more to save lives!

  2. ZG’s new energy management changed the methodology for computing the interconnection charge without board approval. This reduces the charge for a ZG client from $17M to $7M, a loss of $10 million to the ratepayers. Isn’t this willful malfeasance? Remember the fox & the hen house? It’s what happens when GM & 4 directors install an ambitious small time consultant to manage IID staff and remove cost controls!

  3. When the facts come out in deposition the GM, Attorney and auditor will point fingers at the 4 directors who benefited from the conspiracy. The injustices done and breadth of this scandal are staggering.

  4. The current general manager’s leadership, I use that word loosely, the chief legal counsel, the word chief makes that reference loose, and the board, which is running amok appear to have no ability to think rationally and logically and plan properly for the future. If they did they would have helped rather than hindered the change management that was working. They delayed requested and needed changes for more than 2-years, some of which were never allowed to occur, delayed consultant help in the same manner but yet provide a consultant with twice the resources, no restrictions/apparent unilateral hiring authority, loose hiring requirements, and 1/3 more time. The lack of hiring restrictions alone gives them more than two years additional time. By analogy the past management team was allowed to manage a baseball team with 6 players, one severely injured and the team was expected to compete which through extremely diligence they were – and had created the foundation necessary to take off and excel. They were never allowed even close to a full team. The consultant was allowed to fill their roster with a full 9 player team from day one along with reserves. Nonetheless, the consultant will still not be successful as hey aren’t building the talent internally, they don’t have IID’s best interest in mind, and they don’t understand the issues as well as the staff that is no longer leading. Don’t be fooled by the actions being taken. There may be some positive moves but most of those were the result of the foundation set before they arrived.

  5. You are right of course, Arn, but this is all about rigging the work to keep ZGlobal in control. They have the money.

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