Fun with Miss Amy


Amy Dailey


BRAWLEY – BUHS band director, Amy Dailey, and the Brawley Music Booster Club, presented an underwater sea, multi-dimensional art course for elementary school children over the course of three weeks.


Lupe Meir, a booster club member was Dailey’s assistant as they brought education and art culture to a happy medium as the students made plaster of Paris sand dollars, learned about coral, how it is made, what harms coral, and what variety of colors constitute coral.


CORALThen to drive the lesson in, the children all had to say “polyp” each time they placed a painted dot on the ocean seascape, watching as the technique brought the image of coral into the picture.


Dailey plans on elevating the lessons for her upper elementary classes. Besides more advanced crafts, they will study ocean conservation, and creating tote bags for the community by repurposing old beach towels.


The Music Booster Club plans to use the money earned from the art classes to repair and refurnish band instruments, buy uniforms, and help cover transportation costs as the band travels to competitions and performances.


The charge is $20 per week per child, pro-rated per day, when a student can’t come Monday through Thursday.


Koi Narobi, a Japanese windsock
Koi Narobi, a Japanese windsock

The art lessons will continue the rest of this week and next week.