From Valley Growers to Your Table on Thanksgiving

IMPERIAL COUNTY — As supermarkets throughout the United States stock up for Thanksgiving dinners- a uniquely American holiday, Valley growers are doing their part to make that possible, as harvest season for the Winter Vegetable Capital has begun.
With the warm fall days, many farmers are ahead of production as various lettuces, broccoli, rapini, and other crops are getting cut, trimmed, packed, and shipped, destined for grocery stores across all continental states and beyond. What was cut earlier in the week will be served in fancy dishes with family gathered around to celebrate giving thanks for our blessings and protection.
Local cattleman will be providing prime rib and other top beef cuts for those foregoing the traditional turkey. The Valley’s dairies’ product also will find their way on tables in the manner of sour cream, whipping cream, milk, cheese, and inside of buttermilk biscuits.
Wheat harvested from local fields earlier in fall has been milled and turned into breads, rolls, and flour to be used for pies, cakes, and other favorite desserts.
Sugar from local growers have flavored our beverages, incorporated into sweet dishes, and making all of the holiday tastier.
Although, most of the product leaves the Valley, some of it returns to the local grocery stores. So as you wash the produce, season the meat, whip the cream, and bake those pies, thank the Valley’s hard working agricultural businesses for the bounty we enjoy.