From Boys to Men


from boys to men

            This is not about a musical group, but I do like “Boyz to Men.” This is about growing in my (and your) Christian walk.

After I got saved, I began serving in the youth ministry at Valley Baptist Church here in Brawley. There are many vibrant youth groups, clubs, and programs here in the valley. I also served Youth for Christ in my school district for over 10 years where we had a Campus Life, Teens for Christ program at my junior high school. These activities help me in my spiritual development, and in many ways, I grew as a man for Christ as I helped the boys and girls in the different ministries.

How do you grow in your relationship to Christ? I think that showing up on Sundays is important, but when it comes to growth, serving in a ministry, going on a mission trip, attending camps and going to conferences, all are more powerful than putting people in the pews. There is something about getting away that enables growth. This weekend, I am again going to “Planet Wisdom”, a Christian youth conference in the L.A. area. I am going to get fed, and be able to watch the youth grow before my eyes, and hopefully a few will get saved.

If you have never gone to a conference, or a youth conference, you will not be disappointed. I never went to camp as a child, and I am so glad I volunteered for youth camp a decade ago. It was not only a fine faith experience, but also a very relaxing and active week in the pines of Idyllwild.

image0  What I am leading up to is I am encouraging you to get away and get with God and some other servants and saints. Coming up April 26 and 27th is the Gateway Church’s 2nd Annual Men’s Conference located at Highway 86 and Legion Road in Brawley. This was a great conference last year, excellent worship, preaching and the dining was delicious. This “Man-Up” Conference was offered in both Spanish and English. The conference costs $35.00 and please go, and call them to tell them you are coming so there is enough grub. This Friday evening/Saturday morning program will draw you closer to being the man God designed you to be and grow you in a Godly direction.

I am also looking forward to the Promise Keeper’s conference in Phoenix on May 17th and 18th. We take male teens and many men to this conference because it does help them grow from boys to men. We don’t want them to just be men, we want them to be warriors!!! We don’t want kids to become adults who take up space in the pews, but soldiers in the culture wars skilled in the art of standing up for Jesus, making disciples and being men of discipline. If you are interested, call Valley Baptist Church (344-3831), or better yet organize your own crew from your church. The price is right and they offer scholarships for the financially challenged.

Do you need a change in your walk with Christ? Would you like a remodel on your temple of the Holy Spirit? Do you sometimes feel weak and worthless for the kingdom of God? Would you like to learn how to lead at least one person to Christ before you leave the planet? Are you a boy who wants to become a man for God? Well you have heard the message so let’s see if you can man up!!!!