Free ‘Coffee House’ Christian Concert in Brawley

The Rock Cafe in Brawley

BRAWLEY – The Christian band “Day is Last,” is having a coffee-house concert at The Rock Coffee Shop & Cafe in Brawley this Friday evening, May 16, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.


Admission is free, The Rock will have its kitchen open and, if you’re early, couches will be available to kick back and enjoy music.  The Rock is located at 132 S. Plaza in Brawley, California.


All four members of Day is Last were accepted to be part of the Celebrant Singers, a prestigious group of music missionaries who have been around for 37 years and have traveled the world spreading the Gospel of love and peace through their music in more than 90 countries.


The four in “Day is Last” – Miriam Cueto of Holtville, Gabriel Coca of Calexico, Lupe Lopez of Brawley/Holtville and Roman Flores of El Centro are excited to be one of Celebrants three teams this summer.


The Celebrants pick their missionary members not only from the U.S. and Canada, but also from all over the world.


Roman Flores, one of the band’s members, said, “When you consider that four young adults from little ol’ Imperial Valley were chosen to be part of their summer teams this year, it is pretty impressive. To my knowledge, Celebrants have not chosen anyone from the Imperial Valley in 15-20 years, since Martin Rosales, back in the ‘90’s.”


Miriam, Gabriel and Lupe have been placed on the 3-week team of Celebrants going to Guatemala, and Roman will be joining the 10-week team going to France.


The honor comes with expenses, too. The three going to Guatemala need to raise $3000, and Roman needs to earn $5000 by June 2nd.


To track Roman’s fundraising or to donate go to