“Frankenweenie” Underneath The Stars

Heber residents enjoyed the Disney movie Frankenweenie at the Tito Huerta Park

HEBER – Local residents grabbed their families, friends, and neighbors to make their way to the Tito Huerta Park Friday evening to watch a movie, hosted by the Heber Public Utility District.

Over 200 residents covered the lawn with blankets and chairs to enjoy the Disney movie “Frankenweenie” on a huge, inflatable movie screen.

“My kids love this movie, what a perfect way to watch it. Under a clear sky breathing fresh air and munching on snacks,” said Norma Solera.

The movie was free of cost. Some residents brought their own snacks, while others purchased food at the park’s snack bar.

“This is our dinner time, so I decided to make sandwiches and have dinner here,” said Carla Torres, Heber.

“Even though we are small, our city constantly arranges events for the community, and that is wonderful,” said Sasha Vega, resident.

Margarito “Tito” Huerta Park is the largest park in Heber where special events are held.