Frank Wright Science Fair Fun and Informative for All Ages


Science Fair 1


IMPERIAL – Frank Wright Middle School in Imperial was abuzz as they hosted their science fair, Wednesday, May 21.


It was a hands-on night, as many of the experiments allowed attendees to try the activity for themselves, including a planetarium project filled with stars and a presentation about space.


A dance performance and raffle in the middle of the science fair added extra energy to an already exciting event.


Students entries varied from solar powered cars to energizing a clock with a potato, to cooking food with the sun’s energy and powering a light bulb by hand.


Informative posters accompanied all entries and working models demonstrated what they learned and made. While each project took different amounts of time to complete, all projects present were polished final presentations of months of labor.


Junior Jazmine Mariscal and senior Debby Kim from Imperial High School teamed up to create a large version of the well known and popular game, Jenga.


Mariscal said their process consisted of, “First cutting the wood, then sanding it, and painting it. Then sanding it again.” Their game taught balance and gravity on a much larger scale than the original version.


Catherine Ross had a different project up her sleeve. Using silicone, straws, strings, and paper, she simulated the human hand and its tendons. Her explanations of her robot hand were detailed and easy to understand, but when told she would make an excellent teacher, Ross replied, “My mom is a teacher, so that ability is naturally in me. I would much rather be a psychologist and help people that way.”


While the science fair may be over this year, the love for discovery was ignited within the students and gives hope that they’ll continue on in the upcoming years doing bigger and better things with their time, resources, and newfound knowledge.